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Sexual Energy Transmutation Explained

The ability to transmute your sexual energy is one of the most valuable things you could ever learn to do. And here’s some good news... You’ve been transmuting different kinds of “energy” your...

Sexual Energy Transmutation Explained in Practical Terms by Taylor Johnson

The Better Sex Conversation

Before you get to this point with a new lover... I suggest you have a talk. It's very specific kind of conversation that will make your sex hotter, more connected, safer, and more pleasureable...

How to Communicate About Sex - Coach Taylor Johnson

The Best Anal Toys for Men

Do you want an anal toy? You’re in luck. I wrote this guide for you because the first time I tried to buy an anal toy was totally overwhelming...   Butt fear not! I've made it easy for you...

Best Anal Sex Toys for Men - Best Butt Plug for Men Taylor Johnson

I Haven’t Ejaculated in 30 Days

I just went 30 days without ejaculating, and it improved every aspect of my life. No joke. For clarity, during these 30 days I regularly had sex with my girlfriend and masturbated too. I didn't...

No Ejaculation for 30 Days - Orgasm Without Ejaculation

How to Prevent Blue Balls

How to Prevent Blue Balls: Actions to take BEFORE a sexual encounter: Action 1: Stretch your legs and lower body, and breathe deeply while you stretch. Action 2: Massage and cup your balls,...

How to Prevent Blue Balls

My First Tantric Orgasm

My first Tantric Orgasm happened when I least expected it.I remember my girlfriend and I laying in bed, fighting... We were only a few months in to our relationship, and we did the thing that...

Tantric Orgasm Full Body Orgasm - How to Experience a Tantric Orgasm

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