How to Prevent Blue Balls:

Actions to take BEFORE a sexual encounter:

Action 1: Stretch your legs and lower body, and breathe deeply while you stretch.

Action 2: Massage and cup your balls, bringing more life and vitality into them before sex.

Action 3: Do some sort of mindful somatic practice like Yoga or Qigong.

Action 4: Do 20 pushups, 50 jumping jacks, 20 situps, and ANYTHING to get you more into your body.

Actions to take DURING a sexual encounter:

Action 1: Breathe deeply and intentionally. Treat your breath as a practice, and breathe powerfully into your belly. Breathe down into your balls.

Action 2: Focus on feeling sexual pleasure throughout your ENTIRE body, not just in your genitals.

Action 3: Shift your focus away from thoughts or expectations of ejaculation. This is huge. Your mind is fucking powerful.

Action 4: Visualize and imagine your sexual pleasure (and sexual energy) spreading from your cock throughout your entire body.

You might be happy to know that these same steps also help with learning how to last longer in bed. These steps can help to prevent Blue Balls even if you have sex for an hour and don’t ejaculate!!


Actions you can take IMMEDIATELY AFTER a sexual encounter:

Action 1: Massage and squeeze your balls firmly (not hard enough to cause pain). Remember that blue balls comes from physical fluid buildup… massaging can help move things that are stuck.

Action 2: Take a deep breath in while squeezing your balls, and imagine the sensations you feel in your balls and cock moving up into your entire body – integrating with your entire body. Remember, your mind is powerful.

Action 3: Do qigong or yoga, or some form of semi-challenging mindful movement.

Action 4: Do 20 pushups. I’m not joking.

Action 5: Do 30 jumping jacks. Again, I’m not joking.


Additional Resources:

Orgasmic Mastery Course: a 5-week course for men to overcome premature ejaculation, have multiple non-ejaculatory orgasms and be able to make love for hours

Semen Retention Mastery: a 21-day semen retention challenge for men to build their sexual energy and use it to create the life they want.


Preventing blue balls is easier than healing them once they happen.

It is possible to have sex for hours and have multiple orgasms without ejaculating, while also not getting blue balls. I’m not joking. It’s amazing. I’m telling you this from personal experience, and from the experiences of other men that have gone through my Orgasmic Mastery Course. You can walk away from a sexual encounter without ejaculating and feel absolutely incredible.

Please let me know if you have any questions on how to prevent blue balls, and/or if you try any of these techniques.