I’ve personally enjoyed using a fleshlight for years. To put it simply, I own one because it feels good. It’s one of my favorite sex toys for men…

(I’ll link to the one I use below).

There’s no shame in owning a sex toy, and there’s no shame in owning a fleshlight. Women are encouraged to explore their pleasure with dildos and vibrators galore… but you rarely hear anything that’s similarly positive about sex toys for men…. so… here we are.

Let’s talk…

Fleshlights feel amazing, and they come with all sorts of benefits… let’s start with benefit $1:


1. Your pleasure is important

Let’s be honest… your hand can only do so much. Even if you use the best lube in the world, your hand is still a hand. You could try f*cking a melon, or a pie, but why not use something that has been specifically designed to maximize the amount of pleasure you can experience?!?

Shame-free is the way to be. 

2. Using a fleshlight can help you overcome premature ejaculation

The fleshlight I use is called the “Stamina Training Unit.” It feels absolutely incredible because it was designed to be as stimulating as possible.

If you’re trying to overcome premature ejaculation, there are a few different things you need to focus on:

    1. Spreading pleasure through your entire body so it doesn’t get trapped in your genitals
    2. Reprogramming your entire sexual response system (which involves everything from changing your masturbation habits and abstaining from porn to the learning qigong and the microcosmic orbit)
    3. Increasing the amount of stimulation you can handle on your penis without nearing the ejaculatory point of no return

A fleshlight gives the maximum amount of physical sensation you can experience without actually having penetrative sex with another human. When you practice with a fleshlight over time, you will increase your capacity to experience more and more pleasure without having to ejaculate.

This is a huge topic, and if you’re interested in going deeper with it, check out my Orgasmic Mastery Course.

3. Fleshlights can make masturbation more realistic…

Take a moment to think about how you usually masturbate. Do you lay in bed? Stand in the shower? Sit in a chair?

Most men masturbate by moving their hand up and down on their penis, while the rest of their body stays almost perfectly still. This is COMPLETELY different from what happens in sex with another person.

With a fleshlight, you can mount it on the wall of your shower, or you can hold it down on your bed and f*ck it as if you’re actually having sex with another person.

Instead of staying still, you can get your hips involved, which:

  1. Makes it much more likely for sexual pleasure to spread throughout your entire body
  2. Helps you overcome premature ejaculation by simulating a more realistic sexual experience
  3. Feels amazing
Fleshlight Review - Stamina Training Unit by Taylor Johnson

4. It can liberate your mind…

I thought about buying a fleshlight for a LONG time before I actually bought one… Why? Because I had a lot of shame and weird feelings around owning something like this.

Logically it didn’t make any sense, but when I looked at a fleshlight in my online shopping cart, my body’s response was to freeze.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that buying a fleshlight was a liberating experience for me. It was an act of breaking through my own shame around sex. It was an act of breaking through my own fear and self-judgment… and it felt amazing.

It’s kind of like standing at the top of a waterfall, thinking about jumping but being afraid to… and then finally reaching that point where you say f*ck it and you jump. That’s a breakthrough moment. No joke. 

There’s nothing like pushing through shame and saying YES! to your own pleasure.

Your pleasure is important.

If you’re afraid to buy a fleshlight for whatever reason… know that doing so can be incredibly liberating. It’s okay to say yes to your pleasure.

Doing so can change your entire life.

Fleshlight Review by Taylor Johnson - Stamina Training Unit

5. A fleshlight is a good conversation topic…

One time I brought my fleshlight to a party…

I was surprised to see that literally every woman at this party wanted to touch my fleshlight.

Most men did too…

For clarity, it was NOT a sex party, but there WAS a dress code. The dress code was to dress up as a character that could be perceived as weird and kind of shady…

So I showed up with a 6-pack of shitty cheap beer, in a sideways trucker hat, wearing a pink polo shirt that was tucked into athletic shorts… picture that…

I tucked my fleshlight into the front part of my shorts, so the pu**y lips were clearly visible to anyone within 8 feet of me. It was hilarious… 😀

Even after I told everyone that I had used it many times, they STILL wanted to touch it, put their fingers in it and talk about it!!

I was blown away…

Some people thought it was weird at first, but then their curiosity got the best of them. One woman even put the fleshlight pu**y lips up to hers and tried to play it like a trombone.

I’m not joking. It was amazing. 😀

Please know that I’m not suggesting you go out in public with a fleshlight popping out of your shorts… this was a private party with very open-minded people…

I am suggesting that almost everyone wants to talk about sex, and literally every single person who I’ve brought up the topic of a fleshlight to has been fascinated – and wanted to talk about it.

So what Fleshlight should you get?

You have options, but at the bare minimum, you’ll need these 4 things:

    1. Fleshlight
    2. Water-based lubricant
    3. Cleaner
    4. Freshening powder

You could buy all of these things individually, but you’ll save money if you get them in a combo. I recommend the Super Stamina Combo. (Pictured below).

Fleshlight Super Stamina Training Unit ComboIf you don’t think you want the warming stand, and you’d like to save $20 bucks, here’s what I’d recommend instead:

  1. Stamina Unit + Lube
  2. Cleaning Supplies

These two things are all you need to get started. There are instructions and everything you need to know on their site.

Cheers to your pleasure!



*This isn’t a sponsored post. I haven’t been paid anything to write this. AND I did sign up to be an affiliate with Fleshlight, so if you purchase any product of theirs through the links on this page, it will help support my work. Thank you for your support!