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Helping men thrive in sex, life and relationships.

Helping men experience the most amazing sex and relationship life possible.

The Sex & Relationship Podcast You’ve Been Looking For…

I believe that when we (as men) have authentic conversations about sex, everybody wins.

The world needs more of this, and when we improve our sexual health and sex lives, we positively impact the entire world (because sex is at the core of our existence as humans).

And for context:

My sex life was a disaster when I was younger. I struggled with premature ejaculation, performance anxiety, porn addiction, erectile dysfunction, low sexual confidence and all kinds of related stuff for years…

I remember wanting a sexual mentor, because I needed some serious sex advice… But that person never appeared… no sex talk happened…

So I learned the hard way, and I experienced a lot of pain and challenge in the process.

Fast forward to today…

Photo of Mens Sex Coach Taylor Johnson and His Girlfriend Naema Pierce

After many years of taking trainings around the world, studying this material deeply and spending tens of thousands of dollars in the process, I AM thriving in my sex life.

And now it’s my mission and passion to help you thrive in YOUR sex life.

In this podcast you’ll hear some wild personal stories from my own life (like how I had an amazing threesome), in addition to interview deep dives with expert special guests, and practical how-to episodes as well.

These podcast episodes are conversational, like we’re just sitting around a fire and having a chat.

So let the sex talk begin!

Podcast Topic Examples:

And These Too:

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This Podcast Has a New Name…

When I started this podcast in 2022, it was called “Eros Rising.” That’s a clever name, but in the world of sex podcasts it had a big problem… 99% of people have no Idea what “Eros Rising” actually means.

So… I decided to change the name to “Sex Upgraded.” Why? Because as soon as anyone sees this show in their podcast app, I want them to know exactly what it’s about.

And as you can see…

Podcast Cover Art for Sex Upgraded - a podcast for men by Taylor Johnson

Pretty clear right?

Sex Upgraded = improving sex.

That’s about as straightforward as it can get. And in this case, I think straightforward is more important than being clever.

Topic Suggestions & Special Guests?

If you have a request for a specific topic or special guest, shoot me an email on my contact form, and let me know what you’re thinking about. I’m open to pretty much any topic related to sex, intimacy and relationships.

Want to be a guest?

Send me an email using the contact form above, and tell me the following:

  • What topics you’d like to discuss
  • Why you’re a good fit for this podcast
  • Any personal stories you can share that are directly related to the topic (people really resonate with authentic personal stories)

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