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In this episode…

The difference between sexual attraction and energetic attraction

How to notice energetic attraction

How energetic attraction can be your “radar” that you can use to improve all areas of your life, including business, family, romantic, etc…

How to start exploring energetic sex in your relationship(s)

What’s the Difference Between Sexual & Energetic Attraction?


Have you ever thought someone was hot, and then realized there was zero chemistry between you? Have you ever been drawn to someone, while not being sexually attracted to them? And finally, have you ever thought someone was hot AND felt energetically attracted to them? These are three very different scenarios that can have 3 very different optimal outcomes.

In this personal story episode, you’ll hear about the time I went to a sexual energy dance workshop in Thailand, and how in this workshop I was most attracted to a woman who could have been my grandmother. It was a trip… and a HUGE learning experience for me about the difference between energetic attraction and sexual attraction.

You Can Watch This Episode Here:

Episode Times & Topics:


2:37 – Sexual Attraction without Energetic Attraction?

03:10 – Living on Koh Phangan, Thailand

06:07 – The sexual energy dance workshop 

11:07 – Noticing where your energetic body goes 

12:40 – Energetic attraction & sexy dance with an elderly woman

17:39 – Energetic attraction & dance with another man

21:25 – How to begin exploring energetic attraction

23:55 – How to explore energetic sex with your partner(s).

The workshop I talked about in this episode was led by Lion Galban, and after you listen, I recommend checking out the previous episode where I interviewed Lion about: How to Unlock Your Wild, Primal, Sexual Self

What is Ecstatic Dance?


Ecstatic dance is a very unique kind of event that’s now happening all over the world. It’s kind of like an intentional rave without any drugs, but it’s much more than that. It’s a dance experience where there is no talking on the dance floor, and you’re encouraged to move in whatever ways feel good to your body. Some people dance with wild abandon, other people lay on the floor in the side of the room doing yoga, other people cry, and other people yell with ecstasy in the peak moments of the dance.

One common format is that the dance follows a  “wave,” meaning that the music will start off slow and dreamy, then build over the next 30 minutes into a peak that’ll last for 20 minutes or so. Then the “wave” will slowly come back down over the next 30 minutes into a place of meditative stillness. All without talking – it’s pretty incredible. I’ve been going for years, and it has definitely changed my life for the better. I’m sure you can find out more by doing a search on Youtube for “what is ecstatic dance.” If you come across any awesome videos, let me know and I might embed them here.

“Pink Dolphins” (Numatic Remix)
Written by: Tony Moss/Sunny Solwind/Shireen Jarrahian/David Brown
Remixed by: Numatic

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