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In this episode…

What does embodiment actually mean?

How and why embodiment is the key to unlocking your wild, primal, sexual self

How to open your heart, and why you need to feel your emotions fully

Why learning to have non-ejaculatory orgasms can save your relationship

How to Be Fully Embodied as a Man

Today’s episode is for anyone who wants to unlock the wild, primal, sexual being that you are, in safe ways that build connection and allow you to have the relationships and sexual experiences you truly desire. You can’t just think your way into sexual and relationship success though, and this is where most people get stuck. You have to practice embodying it, and understand what that actually means.

Lion Galban Looking at the Camera with no shirt and arms spread

Introducing Lion Galban

I met Lion Galban in Thailand a few years ago, and was immediately inspired and triggered by him at the same time. The way he moved on the dance floor with multiple women blew my mind, and I realized that I was actually jealous of the freedom he appeared to have. On that dance floor, he was embodied in a way that I’ve RARELY seen in any other man.

Without putting him on a pedestal, I decided I wanted to learn about this aspect of being alive from him… So I went to one of his embodiment/dance workshops back when we were both living in Thailand. It was kind of like a dance-oriented play party. And if you’ve never heard of the term play party before, it usually refers to a kind of gathering where different people can explore being sensual and sexual with each other, within the context of a certain set of agreements to make the space as safe as possible. (If you want me to make a podcast episode about play parties, let me know).

If you look at Lion’s instagram, you’ll see lots of videos of him moving in wild ways, and you might even see some things that trigger you. It’s worth looking at – pun intended. If you have any questions about today’s episode, please feel free to reach out to Lion and/or myself. We’re both here in service of your life.

Watch the Interview with Lion Galban Here:

Episode Times & Topics:

7:00 – My first impression of Lion (when I got triggered)

13:57 – What does embodiment mean?

26:09 – Energetic attraction vs sexual attraction

30:57 – What does “allow her to feel your heart” mean?

37:40 – How to work with your emotions in an intelligent way

40:49 – Why feeling your feelings can improve your entire life

43:57 – How to honor and be your unique, primal, sexual self

46:30 – How to navigate sexual shame around desires

54:53 – Why learning to have an orgasm without ejaculation can save a relationship

“Pink Dolphins” (Numatic Remix)
Written by: Tony Moss/Sunny Solwind/Shireen Jarrahian/David Brown
Remixed by: Numatic

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