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In this episode…

What sex transmutation is, and how it actually works
How watching porn can make financial abundance impossible
A realistic look at how semen retention can help you make more money
Advice for creating a money mindset that helps you succeed in your own life

Important Notes:

In this interview you’ll hear me talk about things like sexual energy, the idea of sex transmutation, and life force. These terms might feel foreign to you, so I put some practical information below.

You’ll also find exercises and lifestyle changes on this page that you can use to improve your money mindset and to create more financial abundance for yourself too.

In addition to that, below the table of contents you’ll find my youtube video where I share a shorter version of this story. You might want to start there, then read the sections below to make sure we’re on the same page about these important concepts… and then dive deeper into this podcast episode.


  1. Intro to the Think and Grow Rich Book
  2. What is Sexual Energy?
  3. What is Sex Transmutation?
  4. The Problem with Ejaculating Too Frequently
  5. Integrative Semen Retention is the Solution
  6. How to Transmute Sexual Energy
  7. How Semen Retention Helped Me Make More Money
  8. The Reality of Financial Abundance
  9. Skeptical About Semen Retention?
  10. Best Books on Making Money
  11. Journal Prompts for Money Mindset

Photo of a doctor showing a diagram to a patient.

The Problem With Ejaculating Too Frequently

To be clear, ejaculatory orgasms are great, and I LOVE having them on occasion with intention… but most men ejaculate way too frequently for their own good.

Think about it… What do you want to do after an ejaculatory orgasm? You probably don’t want to go out into the world and take massive action to create the life you want.. You’re more likely to want to eat some food, lay around for a while, watch a movie… etc…

And again, that’s not inherently bad… but…

What happens if you ejaculate too often?

It can take up to 7 days after an ejaculatory orgasm for men to reach heightened levels physiological, hormonal and neurochemical performance.

That means if a man regularly ejaculates 3 times per week, that man is NEVER living in a state of peak performance.

That man will never feel the full power of sex transmutation because he constantly releases his life force with each ejaculatory orgasm. I recognize this statement might come across a bit new age or pseudoscientific, so if you’re rolling your eyes, please read the next section.

Evolution & Ejaculation Frequency

If you believe in evolution (which I do), then you probably share the understanding that the prime directive of all species is to procreate and secure the survival of the species. This is why eating feels so good, and it’s why most humans experience intense desire for sex.

Photo of a surprised looking monkey

When a man ejaculates, his body receives a flood of hormones and neurochemicals that signify he has just “completed his mission.” He can now rest, relax, and recharge. He doesn’t need to be on top of his game to pursue a mate immediately again.

*Biologically it wouldn’t make sense to attempt procreation quickly again, because it takes a couple days after ejaculation for sperm quantity to restore back to normal levels.

Hacking Evolution

In today’s society, procreation isn’t the only important thing to us… But, our bodies function in the same way that the bodies of our ancestors did 4000 years ago. That means our bodies see ejaculation as one of the most important things we can do. And once we reach that goal, we don’t need to perform as highly for a few days.

This is evidenced by the fact that testosterone levels increase 45% after 7 days of not ejaculating. Testosterone is one of the hormones responsible for creating sexual desire (and thus the peak performance we would need to find a mate).

You can transmute that increased sexual desire into creative energy, intellectual energy, or any other form of energy that would help you accomplish your tasks and create the life you want.

A simple way to say this is that by intentionally ejaculating only at your ideal frequency, you are hacking your biology to put your system in a greater state of peak performance. To figure out your own Ideal Ejaculation Frequency (IEF), check out my article about how often should a man ejaculate.

How should we move forward?

Photo of a healthy man smiling.

Integrative Semen Retention as a Lifestyle

When I talk about semen retention, I’m not talking about retaining your seed indefinitely (or even for long periods of time). I’m talking about creating an integrative life of sexual intentionality, where you figure out your Ideal Ejaculation Frequency, and then live healthy lifestyle with that in mind.

Integrative Semen Setention is about much more than just not ejaculating.

It includes:

  • Skillfully working with your sexual energy in the bedroom AND in public
  • Practicing things like yoga and qigong to build and harness your life force
  • Being intentional with how you might metaphorically “ejaculate” your life force away through instant gratification (like Tinder, Tiktok, pornography, mainstream news, chocolate, junk food, etc)
  • Celebrating and pursuing your sexual desires
  • Allowing yourself to have ejaculatory orgasms on occasion with complete joy and pleasure (and without shame)
  • Honoring the power of your sexuality
  • Regularly practicing sexual energy transmutation to create the life, family, friendships, relationships, business, financial abundance and creative projects you want.

And for me…

Semen Retention is a Spiritual Practice

Specifically, my spiritual practice is to live the most meaningful, fun, connective and societally impactful life I can possibly live. In order for me to do that to my peak capacity, I need to recognize, honor and harness the power of my sexual desire, because it impacts EVERYTHING I do in life.

This is one of the fundamental tenets about original Tantra that I love. Everything can be a spiritual practice, including sex, making money, moments of pain and being sick, and moments of ecstasy too. All of it. It’s not an easy practice… but it really makes life rich.

The KEY to being able to THRIVE with this lifestyle is to be skilled in the art of sex transmutation.

Photo of Taylor Johnson transmuting his sexual energy

How to Transmute Your Sexual Energy

The steps below are a great option for when you get a sexual urge that feels like an irresistible force, and you are not in the place to pursue that urge. The goal is to integrate the sexual arousal/charge in your genitals & fantasy into the rest of your body.

This is THE very important missing piece to the Think and Grow Rich chapter about sex (which Napoleon Hill calls the tenth step in the accumulation of riches). If you skipped to this section, please go back to theWhat is Sex Transmutation?” section to make sure we’re on the same page before reading the steps below.

*Below these steps is an advanced technique to BUILD sexual energy and then integrate it.

7 Steps to Sex Transmutation:

STEP 1: Become aware of your sexual desire in the moment it is happening. This could be a sex desire to masturbate, to look at porn, to get lost in sexual fantasy, to pursue an unavailable partner, etc. (Remember this shows up as sensation in your physical body).

STEP 2: Make a clear decision to transmute your sexual desire, and NOT pursue that form of sexual expression.

STEP 3: While focusing on the sensation of desire in your body (charged sexual energy), do some kind of activity with your physical body and mind to integrate this sexual energy, so the charge gets anchored in your body as fuel.

Physical practice options could be:

  • Sexual Qigong
  • Yoga
  • Pushups
  • Dancing
  • Jumping jacks
  • Breathwork
  • Going for a run
  • Lifting weights while intentionally using sexual desire as charge for the workout is a great way to practice sex transmutation

Photo of a man working out to relieve sexual tension.

Creative practice options could be:

  • Playing an instrument
  • Singing
  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Doing some form of artistic creation that involves your body
  • Journaling about your desire. Write about why you want to transmute your energy, and how you’re going to do it. Journaling is an amazing practice that I believe any man on a path of growth should be doing.

Photo of a man journaling.

Advanced options could include:

  • Moving sexual energy through your microcosmic orbit
  • Visualizing your sexual energy merging with your body as an active practice
  • Meditating on your sexual desire with mindful awareness until your urge dissipates. This involves focusing your awareness on your sexual arousal. Specifically, notice how it feels in your body, and breathe slowly and deeply until this arousal integrates and you no longer have the desire to look at porn or ejaculate. Not recommended for beginners.

Photo of a man meditating on his sexual energy.

STEP 4: Pause to feel the sensations in your body. If feel that your sexual charge has been integrated enough into your entire body to not be distracting anymore, move on to the next step. If not, repeat step 3.

STEP 5: Create an intention for how and WHY you’re moving forward from this place of integration. Speak your intention internally as a sentence, or you can even say it out loud. (This anchors your newly integrated sexual energy with what Napoleon Hill called the vibrations of the mind).

In other words, it’s important to involve your mind in this process. For example, you could say: “I am creating the life I want by taking this step.”

STEP 6: Take a deep breath and pause to enjoy the new & balanced sensations in your physical body, and any new equanimity that has come to this amazing thing we call the human mind.

STEP 7: Congratulations! You’ve successfully completed the transmutation of sexual energy. You can now go back to what you were doing, or move on to anything productive you want.

Advanced Practice to Build Sexual Energy:

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do NOT try this for the first time until you’ve read my article about how to get rid of blue balls (and how to prevent them in the first place).

If you’re familiar with semen retention, and if you want to try playing with fire, then the technique below is worth trying. It’s a must for anyone who wants to truly master the art of sex transmutation.

STEP 1: You could try self-pleasuring (intentionally masturbating) for 20 minutes without ejaculating to build up arousal and charge in your body.

STEP 2: Immediately massage your testicles and pelvic floor for two minutes while breathing deeply.

STEP 3: Do 15 minutes of qigong, yoga or some other intensive physical practice (possibly choosing an option from the list above.

STEP 4: Enjoy!

If you do this correctly, you will feel supercharged in your body, with an elevated state of mind that will feel like you got the golden star in Super Mario Brothers.


That was a lot of context up front, but it was necessary to tell the full story. Now, let’s get into the money and financial abundance piece…

Photo of Taylor Johnson before he became a sex coach for men.(This is a self-portrait from 2017, created in my photo studio). 

How Semen Retention Helped Me Make More Money

If you’ve ever started a business, you know just how challenging and consuming it can be. The line between your personal life and business life can totally disappear if you’re not careful. Ultimately, you can establish good boundaries again, but your business life will ALWAYS be a reflection of what’s happening in your personal life.

When I was 27 (ten years ago) I decided to quit my full time job as an Integrative Health Coordinator for a company in Asheville, and start my own business as a professional photographer. That website is still up, and you can see it here if you want.

During that time (and the years prior) I was a sexual mess. I struggled with premature ejaculation, porn addiction, porn-induced erectile dysfunction, performance anxiety AND low self-confidence too. All of that indirectly hurt my ability to create a successful business in a massive way.

I Struggled for the First Few Years

And I was unhappy.

My most frequent sexual activity was masturbating to porn almost every day, even though I was in a relationship with a great woman. I ejaculated WAY too frequently, I was barely making enough money to survive, and I generally felt depleted – like I was going nowhere.

Behind the scenes in a photoshoot with Taylor Johnson.

To be successful, I needed a BIG change.

After I realized I needed a change, I decided to take another look through Mantak Chia’s book the Multiorgasmic Man. In that book, he talks about the importance of not ejaculating all the time, and how saving that energy could be a key to success in all areas of life.

Then I Tried Semen Retention

Specifically, I started doing some experiments around how often I ejaculated in a week, and how often I watched porn. My intention wasn’t to improve my business at that moment, I just wanted to become happier and feel more alive.

The first realization: When I went for 7 days without ejaculating, I felt much more charged in life, and I felt much more attracted to my girlfriend too. I started to think “hey you know, there might be something to this!”

The second realization: When I went for a few days without watching porn, my mood improved, and the connection between my girlfriend and I improved too. We argued less, and generally there was more flow in our lives. The icing on the cake was that physical sexual contact actually felt better too. But then the beast that is porn pulled me back in and the benefits went away…

I didn’t tell my girlfriend I was doing these experiments, and I didn’t do them consistently. It started as a slow series of experiments, and then I would relapse back into ejaculating multiple times per week to porn. My relationship and happiness suffered as a result. I should have talked with my girlfriend about this, but at that time I didn’t know how to talk about sex.

I cycled through these ups and downs for a while, until I realized I still wasn’t getting anywhere. That’s when I decided to really go for it.

And Big Benefits Started to Occur

The big changes in my romantic and business life didn’t happen until I made big changes with my sexual practices. It took massive creative effort, and it took calling on spiritual energy for help… and with those powers combined, I decided to take a break from porn and excessive ejaculation.

Can you guess what happened? My life started to improve. This might seem like a no-brainer to you right now, but to me at the time this was a mind-blowing revelation. My girlfriend and I felt more connected, and I felt more confident in all areas of life too. As an added bonus, my overall zest for life and happiness improved too.

Photo of Taylor Johnson with Long Hair

My creativity increased, and the quality of photographs and videos I produced for the companies that hired me improved too. 

It was around this time that I re-visited the book The Way of the Superior Man, by David Deida. Some people love him, some people hate him. I think he is a great leader who has devoted his life to helping others in the way he knows best.

In his book there’s a chapter titled “Ejaculation Should be Converted or Consciously Chosen.” In that chapter, he says this:


“In a subtle way, excess ejaculations will diminish your courage to take risks, professionally and spiritually. You will settle for doing enough to get by, to be comfortable, but you will find that you would rather watch TV than write your novel, meditate, or make that important phone call. You will have enough motivation to live a decent life, but ejaculations drain you of the “cutting through” energy that is necessary to pierce your own wall of lethargy and slice through the obstructions that arise in the world. Your gift will remain largely ungiven.”David Deida

That really hit home for me…

Then I Tried Sex Without Ejaculation

At this point I had heard about non-ejaculatory orgasms, and I even accidentally had my first tantric orgasm… But the concept of intentionally having sex without ejaculating still seemed like a joke to me (even though I had read about it in a number of books).

Why would I ever want to have sex and not ejaculate? Wouldn’t that be a recipe for blue balls? Wasn’t orgasm the entire point of sex? (These are things I used to think).

But… I was on a journey. And because I was already feeling major positive impact from semen retention and sex transmutation, the idea of adding on the sex without ejaculation piece didn’t seem as much of a joke as it used to be. So I decided to try it.

*And to be clear, during this time I WAS regularly going to yoga classes, and I was regularly exercising too. Being in good physical and mental health is a MUST if you want to be able to skillfully practice the transmutation of sexual energy.

And Then Everything Made Sense

My girlfriend and I had sex, and I intentionally did NOT ejaculate. During sex I used the big draw technique, and the microcosmic orbit too (to circulate the powerful energy that otherwise would have been released in ejaculation).

To be honest, the sex itself was okay. My intense focus on not ejaculating made the sexual connection less juicy… but I did it! Sex without ejaculation (intentionally) for the first time ever!

Immediately after sex I did some qigong exercises I had learned, and I massaged my testicles and pelvic floor to avoid getting blue balls. And then I went to the grocery store.

On the drive there I felt tingles coursing through my entire body, and I felt a charge and potency in my body that I had NEVER felt after sex. I walked into the grocery store feeling like I was beaming positive and powerful energy out of every pore in my body.

And I thought “THIS IS IT!”

“This is what people have been talking about in the books! Holy shit! It’s amazing!”

I made a choice to bring this practice into my life as a semi-regular routine to help with my semen retention and porn-free lifestyle. As a result of all of this combined…

My Motivation and Mental Clarity Increased

And I used that increased charge and zest for life to improve my marketing and website for my photography business. I used my extra energy to take trainings on SEO (search engine optimization) so bigger clients could find me.

My self-confidence and self-worth increased too, so when I got into new meetings with bigger clients, I easily negotiated higher pay for myself. The companies rarely batted an eye at my rates, because I presented them with such confidence AND I had the improved work portfolio to back up my words.

Then I Started Making More Money

A snowball effect began, where bigger and bigger clients started to hire me. I got hired by Facebook, by Google, by NVidia, by Johnson & Wales University, by various hospitals and big manufacturing plants.

I started to get paid $1000 per shoot, then $1600 per shoot, and then sometimes even over $2000 per shoot.

Photograph of Taylor Johnson in Facebook Data Center.(This photo is of me on the job INSIDE Facebook’s Data Center)

For one project I even made about $7400 in two days of shooting photos & videos for a company that shall remain unnamed. I got hired for multiple international projects, and one even brought me on a 6-week journey through India and Tibet.

Here are a couple of photos I took in Tibet:

Photograph by Taylor Johnson - taken in Tibet

Photograph by Taylor Johnson - taken in Tibet

Photograph by Taylor Johnson - taken in Tibet

Finding semen retention and learning to transmute my sexual urges was an AMAZING journey of growth that created a new level of financial abundance (and spiritual abundance) I had only dreamed of.

Was I rich? I certainly wasn’t a millionaire, and I wasn’t making $100,000 per year, but my financial reality had DRAMATICALLY improved and I felt (and objectively was) financially abundant for the first time ever.

But let’s get real about financial abundance…

Photo of a stack of money showing financial abundance.

The Reality of Financial Abundance

It’s subjective. There are people making $40,000 per year who feel financially abundant because of their living location and lifestyle choices. There are people making $3,000,000 per year who constantly worry about money and somehow never seem to save any because of their living location and lifestyle choices.

To me, the meaning of financial abundance is to have more money than one needs to live a comfortable life.

A couple caveats… I don’t currently have children, so if you have kids and you make the same amount of money as me, you might not feel (or be) as financially abundant.

There’s also the major issue of inflation right now, which is rapidly eating away at all of our savings accounts. I’m not a financial advisor, so I can’t really give advice there. My expertise is in sex… But one of the best ways to meet your financial goals is to actually talk about them. With friends, yes, but perhaps financial advisors would be a good option too.

Financial Abundance is Not Financial Freedom

The term financial freedom is often used in the same way that the term financial independence is. Both refer to having enough money saved up for you to live off of the savings and/or investment returns for the rest of your life. I do not have financial independence, but if it’s something you’re interested in, I recommend checking out the FIRE community. They have a great documentary and some other great resources too.

Photograph of man in woods having a spiritual experience.

Financial Abundance is Not Spiritual Abundance

You can have plenty of money but feel dead inside. In fact, a lot of rich people who have more than enough money for multiple lifetimes are NOT happy. This supports the idea that having a healthy relationship with your financial goals and cultivating an abundance mindset is at least as important as your net worth.

But More Money CAN Improve Your Life

An interesting study just came out about net worth and life satisfaction that contradicts an earlier study saying there was a threshold for the income/happiness correlation.

This new study (that surveyed 33,391 US adults) shows that overall life satisfaction and well-being improves with annual income… and the pattern is linear. Meaning there is no plateau at $80,000 like the previous study from 2010 showed. Here’s the graph:

Graph that shows financial abundance increases well being in life.

Graph from: https://www.pnas.org/doi/10.1073/pnas.2016976118#fig01

How do you feel after look at that graph? For me, it’s humbling and motivating at the same time. For transparency, I’m right about in the middle of the graph. And for reference, the average household income of US citizens in 2021 was $70,784. I’ll leave this here for now… It’s good food for thought for another conversation.

Let’s talk about one more important thing…

In Closure…

Semen retention changed my financial life (INTEGRATIVE Semen Retention), and I believe it can positively change yours too.

If you want to learn the art of sex transmutation, and get the benefits of a powerful semen retention practice, make sure you sign up for my Free 7-Day Semen Retention Challenge.

And remember that YOU are responsible for creating the life you want. Yes we’ve all been dealt a certain hand of cards to deal with, and these hands aren’t all equal, but we are each responsible for what we do with the hands we’ve been dealt.

Thank you friend for being here.

In service to your life…


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