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In this episode…

The most common anal sex mistakes to avoid, so you can have amazing, pain-free, orgasmic anal with your lover(s)

The most important piece of anal anatomy you need to know to have pain-free anal sex

A look into the reality of anal sex in porn, and how it negatively impacts our expectations and abilities

Answers to questions like “Can women orgasm from anal?” and more…

The Reality Is…

Millions of women want to receive anal sex from a man, but most men make substantial mistakes with anal that result in pain, disconnection and a complete lack of pleasure. There IS good news though…

With the help of this episode, you can easily learn how to avoid these mistakes so you can have amazing, orgasmic, pain-free and deeply pleasurable anal sex with your lover.

Check out my new anal sex course called Unlocking the Root – IF you want to master the art of anal. It’ll give you everything you need to have amazing anal with complete confidence (giving or receiving).

*NOTE: The majority of content in this episode will apply to all bodies, but extra focus has been given to heterosexual anal sex where the woman is penetrated by the man. This is intentional, because there are some extra dynamics going on here that are important to talk about.


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