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In this episode…

A very useful conversation where Dr. Susie Gronski and I get into the medical side of what’s going on in our genitals and pelvic floors. (Erection strength and nitric oxide for example)

Can you break your penis?

Can you do too many Kegels?

Semen Retention and pelvic pain in men (and what to do about it)

If you want to understand male pelvic floor health…

You’ll get a lot out of this interview. It’s deeply informative and thought provoking, and I learned a lot during the interview too. Dr. Susie Gronski is a pelvic floor physical therapist who specializes in helping men overcome pelvic pain and other pelvic problems like erectile dysfunction, pelvic tightness, prostate inflammation, premature ejaculation and more.

We even talked about how emotions get stuck in the pelvic floor, anal pleasure, anal healing and prostate inflammation from the practice of semen retention. Dr. Gronski recommends the use of anal toys for pleasure & healing too, and if you want to explore those I put together a guide of the best anal toys for men.

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Watch the Interview with Dr. Susie Gronski Here:

Episode times & topics:

  • 03:40 Why did Dr. Suzie get into Men’s pelvic health?
  • 07:16 Sexual health as integrative medicine
  • 11:47 Why men come to see Dr. Suzie Gronskie
  • 18:51 Can you break your penis?
  • 23:00 The myth of men “needing to be hard instantly”
  • 24:05 Understanding Erectile Dysfunction
  • 33:23 Emotional healing through anal (personal story)
  • 42:19 Where to find a pelvic floor physical therapist or sex therapist 
  • 49:05 Can you do too many kegels?
  • 55:45 Semen retention and pelvic pain?
  • 1:07:40 Nitric oxide and erections

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