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In this episode…

The story of the first time I experienced a “Tantric,” extended non-ejaculatory orgasm

How non-ejaculatory orgasms can be psychedelic

The importance of emotional vulnerability in unlocking men’s abilities to experience non-ejaculatory orgasms

How ejaculatory orgasms can actually be less pleasurable than a full-body, extended non-ejaculatory orgasm

What is a Tantric Orgasm?

There is no universally agreed-upon meaning for this term, but in the context of this story, I’m referring to a certain kind of orgasm where intense orgasmic pleasure is felt throughout the entire body, in combination with expansive states of deep connection. This happens for an extended period of time, without ejaculation or any refractory period. Tantric Orgasms are non-ejaculatory orgasms, but non-ejaculatory orgasms are not necessarily “Tantric.”

What’s the difference then?

“Tantric” refers to your state of consciousness during orgasm. For example, “Tantric Orgasms” will likely include feelings of deep connection with your lover, your self, and all things, WHILE you are experiencing orgasmic pleasure in your entire body.

In contrast to just experiencing non-ejaculatory orgasmic pleasure in your genitals or entire body, a “Tantric” orgasm occurs when the extended non-ejaculatory orgasm is accompanied with experiences of altered/heightened states of consciousness. You might feel more expansive and connected to all things than you normally would.

It can actually feel psychedelic!


Tantric Orgasm Cosmic Orgasm Example

*(And I’ll admit… this image does look over the top, but the actual experience of this Tantric Orgasm really did feel like this – in terms of cosmic, psychedelic expansiveness).

In this episode you’ll hear how this experience actually was psychedelic for me (while my partner and I were totally sober). I went to the bathroom to pee after making love for a long time and experiencing an extended non-ejaculatory orgasm, and when I got into the bathroom, the walls moved and sparked as if I was tripping on psychedelics!

That’s the moment I was hit with the understanding of why so many people and traditions had written books about this kind of experience.

It was incredible…

How to Have a Tantric Orgasm?

The ejaculatory orgasms we’re used to are relatively simple to force (with more intensity and pressure). But extended, full body non-ejaculatory orgasms can’t be forced. You cannot “stroke harder” to get there. These kinds of orgasm happen through a process of allowing… A non-attached, fully present state of unfolding… Like ocean waves of orgasmic pleasure rolling and crashing through your body… over and over and over again.

These kinds of orgasm require emotional openness and vulnerability too. As you’ll hear in this episode, I was able to have this experience with my lover because of the vulnerable and open-hearted connection we shared just before and during our lovemaking experience.

And because opening my heart was scary and difficult for me back then, it took me years after this first experience to figure out how have another non-ejaculatory orgasm.


Because my first Tantric orgasm happened completely by accident, and in the days and weeks afterwards, I realized that I still needed to learn a LOT about sex and relationships….

So I Travelled the World to Figure This Out…

For years after this experience I studied sex around the world, from Tantric and Taoist Sexuality workshops in Thailand, to practical western sexuality in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, and everywhere in between. After many years of personal study and trainings, I’m happy to say that I did figure out a way to experience these states of orgasm again, consistently, and you can too.

Non-ejaculatory orgasms are within your reach!

It just takes work… and it’s 100% worth it.

You Can Have Non-Ejaculatory Orgasms Too!

If you want to experience this kind of sex – having sex for hours and getting into the incredible realms of non-ejaculatory orgasmic bliss, check out my Orgasmic Mastery Course. It’s an in-depth training that will guide you through a clearly outlined, step-by-step journey to help you experience this kind of sexual magic and improve your sex life forever. 

If you’d like to start with simply overcoming premature ejaculation, check out my free ejaculation control guide. It’ll start you off in a good direction. One of the next two podcast episodes will help you in this department too – it’ll be about 13 common causes of premature ejaculation. Stay tuned!

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