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In this episode…

The story of the first time I went to a sex party

Why they paid me and my best friend to come

A look into my personal life before I became a sexologist

Strangely enough, a brief introduction to Classical Indian music and Kirtan. It relates, I promise…

This is a True Story:

This episode is the story of the first time I went to a sex party. It happened over 10 years ago in Asheville, NC, USA, and it blew my mind – in ways I wasn’t prepared for. (I was actually paid to go).

People often ask me to share personal stories from the past, and this is one I’ve thought about sharing for a while. It’s more of an edutainment episode, because there’s not a big lesson or takeaway from this episode other than pure fascination and entertainment… which is definitely a worthy reason to listen to a podcast. 🙂 

Watch the Episode:

They Hired my Best Friend and I…

It was the first time both of us had ever been to a sex party… We were in our early 20s, and at that point in life we had heard different group sex stories, but still had never seen or experienced it.

And to be clear, we didn’t participate in any sex acts, we just played the music for the party. We did see some wild things though, including a wild oral sex scene just 2 feet in front of us on the living room floor while we played music.

It was a wild experience for us. I guess you could say it was our first orgy, even though we didn’t participate, and even though they originally called it a “Tantra Gathering” and not a sex party. There was no double penetration, there was no anal sex, but there definitely was group sex. Lots of it. Listen to the episode to hear the full story.

Since Then…

I’ve been to a bunch of sex parties, and I’ve experienced group sex a number of times too. They’re always fascinating experiences, and to be totally honest, they don’t draw me in any more.

I’m much more interested in smaller group experiences with just 3 or 4 people. There’s a lot more intimacy that can be experienced that way.

The Next Episode Is Also About a Sex Party…

It’ll be the story of the SECOND time I went to a sex party. This second time, I actually participated. It contains a twist that you wouldn’t expect though… It was an experience that changed my life forever, and I’m stoked to share it with you next week!

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