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Recent Articles

The Best Anal Toys for Men

Do you want an anal toy? You’re in luck. I wrote this guide for you because the first time I tried to buy an anal toy was totally overwhelming...   Butt fear not! I've made it easy...

Best Anal Sex Toys for Men - Best Butt Plug for Men Taylor Johnson

I Haven’t Ejaculated in 30 Days

I just went 30 days without ejaculating, and it literally improved every aspect of my life. No joke. This is my story. And yes that's me on top of the waterfall. I had amazing sex...

Sex Without Ejaculation for 30 days by TaylorJo

How to Prevent Blue Balls

How to Prevent Blue Balls: Actions to take BEFORE a sexual encounter: Action 1: Stretch your legs and lower body, and breathe deeply while you stretch. Action 2: Massage and cup your...

How to Prevent Blue Balls

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