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In this episode…

The story of one of the most unique parties I’ve ever been to…

My existential/comedic crisis of wondering how I ever got to this point in life

Learning about what anal training actually means

A story you can tell your friends for years to come…

About 5 years ago, I went to an anal sex party in Asheville. It was a wild experience that broke my brain, left me speechless and opened my eyes to things that I had never seen before.

I think you’ll like this story. 😀

And after listening, if you want to master the art of anal sex, check out my new anal sex course. It’s a comprehensive and experiential deep dive into everything anal (giving and receiving), including:

  • anal anatomy
  • pain-free penetration techniques
  • anal energetics
  • prostate pleasure
  • anal orgasms
  • rituals to open the root
  • and more…

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