Work With Me…

My name is Taylor, and…

I’m here to help you have an incredible sex life.


Because an empowered sex life IMPROVES YOUR ENTIRE LIFE. And because I used to struggle with premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, sexual anxiety and porn addiction… for years… and I didn’t have any guides to help me. I remember thinking my life might never change…

So I made a choice…

I decided I HAD TO KNOW what it was like to have an epic sex life before I died…

So I literally travelled the world going to Tantra workshops and studying everything I could find about sex. Over $43,000 and years later, my sex life is amazing, and I’m VERY HAPPY to say that I’ve figured out ways to help you get the same results with more efficiency.

There are three ways you can work with me:

    1. Online Trainings
    2. One-on-One Coaching
    3. Free Trainings

I want to help you THRIVE.

And it’s 100% possible.


1. Online Trainings

Invest in your future with comprehensive programs that work.

Orgasmic Mastery Online Course by Taylor Johnson

Orgasmic Mastery Course = a 10-Week, step-by-step training for you to master the art of making love for as long as you want:

△ Learn how to have full-body, non-ejaculatory orgasms

Overcome premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction & sexual anxiety for good

Be the man who blows your lovers mind and heart wide open

Semen Retention Online Course for Men by Taylor Johnson

Semen Retention Foundations = a 7-day journey to learn how to build your sexual power and transmute your sexual energy.

△ Get the benefits of Semen Retention in just 7 days

△ Determine your Ideal Ejaculation Frequency (IEF)

Feel more sexually alive and vital

Semen Retention Online Course by Taylor Johnson

Semen Retention Mastery = a 21-day journey to help you build your sexual power, clarify your life purpose and create the life you want.

Master the art of sexual transmutation

△ Increase your sexual vitality & aliveness

Literally create the life you want

Online Course for Couples by Taylor Johnson

Ecstatic Lovers Course = an online course for couples to deeply connect and explore the best of sacred sexuality – in the comfort of your own bedroom

Increase the passion in your connection

Experience the exact kind of pleasure you want from your partner

Explore sensual, erotic and powerful rituals that improve your relationship forever

2. One-on-One Coaching

Get personalized, in-depth support to help you thrive.

Taylor Johnson Sex Coach Asheville

1. Collaboration Call (Short-Term)
If you are working on something specific, and want short-term support, click here to apply for a single collaboration call.

2. Integrative Sexual Mastery Program
Specifically for men who want to make massive and lasting changes in their lives. All spots are currently full. Email me to be notified when coaching spots open again.

3. Free Training

Begin changing your life today.

get connected…

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