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In this episode…

A followup conversation with Banks AFTER he took my Orgasmic Mastery Course

A realistic look into what it takes to actually create change in life.

Practical techniques to use in sex to last longer in bed

Hope, inspiration and proof that overcoming premature ejaculation is possible

Portrait of Banks and Taylor with Eros Rising Podcast logo on top

Conversation Part 2

This is a followup conversation to episode 16, where Banks and I got real about his struggle with premature ejaculation – BEFORE he took my Orgasmic Mastery Course.

Today you’ll hear what his life is like now, after taking my course and after being in sex therapy too. If you’re someone who wants to overcome premature ejaculation, this episode should give you some hope and inspiration.

It may feel hopeless for you right now, but I promise you it isn’t. I used to feel that way too, and so have many millions of other men.

Check out my FREE Ejaculation Control Guide if you want to overcome premature ejaculation and feel free and powerful in bed. It IS possible for you. You just have to put in the effort.


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