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In this episode…

A vulnerable conversation about the hard reality of struggling with premature ejaculation

An opportunity to understand that if you’re experiencing this too, you’re not alone

Ways to find celebration & joy during periods of struggle

How to formulate an action plan to overcome premature ejaculation

The Reality Is…

Millions of men struggle with premature ejaculation, but we RARELY talk about the reality of the struggle, and that’s a problem. The impact on our lives and relationships can be massive and debilitating…

For example, men who regularly struggle with premature ejaculation might also experience:

  • Low self-worth
  • Low self-confidence
  • High sexual shame
  • High sexual anxiety
  • Isolation
  • Hopelessness
  • Depression
  • Porn addiction
  • Other addictions as coping mechanisms…


In This Episode…

I’m joined by my friend Banks, who is currently struggling with premature ejaculation. We decided to have a raw and vulnerable conversation about this specifically for the podcast – because we thought it could be a great service to men and their partners around the world.

It’s extremely rare to hear two men talk openly about struggles like this… and you’ll hear the vulnerability and tenderness when you listen.

Thank you Banks for doing this. I’m grateful, and I can’t fully imagine the potential fear and/or discomfort that might be present when choosing to speak openly and publicly about an active challenge like this. THANK YOU!

Our Followup Interview Will Happen in 10-12 Weeks

As an exchange for having these conversations, I’ve given Banks enrollment in the current round of my Orgasmic Mastery Course. It’s a 10-week journey for men to completely overcome premature ejaculation, master their sexual energy and thrive – so they can create the sex lives (and entire lives) that they want.

In 10-12 weeks, after Banks goes through this course, we’re going to have an honest follow-up conversation to see how (and if) anything has changed. My belief and hope is that things will massively change for him over these next 10 weeks – IF he does the practices and exercises in the course. It’s always up to the man to create the change he wants.

Time will tell… 😀

Banks is one if the Co-Founders of the New Moon Brotherhood: a community of men that gather on the new moon to honor the darkest night of the month, and the darkness within. They provide a brave space for men to open their hearts in the spirit of brotherhood, helping  men turn inward to open to their power rather than enforcing power over others.

In our conversation, Banks referenced a TEDx video that talked about the power of self-pleasuring in front of a mirror. The talk was given by Emily Nagoski, and you can check it out here: Confidence and Joy are the Keys to a Great Sex Life. 

It Is Possible to Overcome Premature Ejaculation!

Just a quick note of encouragement – it is 100% possible to cure premature ejaculation naturally and have the sex life you want. It just takes consistent effort over time. Reach out if you need help.


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