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In this episode…

How many days it actually takes to form a good habit that sticks

The truth about willpower (it’s a finite resource)

Reflections and wrapping up from the first season of this podcast

What you can expect next…

This Episode is the End of Season 1

And I want to say thank you to everyone who has tuned in so far. This has been an awesome journey, and to be real, it has taken a lot more time and energy than I thought it would. I’ve needed to take some time to reflect on the previous episodes – to figure out how I want to move forward.

Happy to say that this podcast will continue, but I’m only going to create new episodes when true inspiration hits. I’m not going to share episodes weekly just for the sake of being on a production schedule. And that being said…

The next episode is pretty wild (at least I bet you’ve never heard anything like it before).


In the Next Episode…

The first episode of season 2 will be VERY unique & raw. It’s a vulnerable conversation with a friend of mine who’s currently struggling with premature ejaculation (and all the shame, pain and identity issues that come with it).

Most men feel alone with this… but the truth is millions of men are silently struggling. And when we don’t talk about it, when we push things down, we’re actually hurting ourselves – and hurting our ability to create and have the sex lives we want.

It’s incredibly rare to hear two men having a real, down to earth conversation about challenges in the sexual realms…

We decided to record our conversation to shine light on the reality of the struggle, and I think we all need to hear this. Check out the next episode, and let me know what you think.

Thank you!


“Pink Dolphins” (Numatic Remix)
Written by: Tony Moss/Sunny Solwind/Shireen Jarrahian/David Brown
Remixed by: Numatic

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