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In this episode…

A truly wild story that’s still hard to believe it actually happened

Sexual abundance mindset explained, and compared to scarcity mindset

How anger might not be the most useful response to a challenging circumstance

Hopefully an entertaining story that’ll blow your mind at least a little bit

Freedom Comes in the Moment Between Stimulus and Response

This story really is one of the wildest dating experiences I’ve had. Without giving the story away, I’ll say that at a certain point in the story I faced a decision point. I had to decide how I would respond to a stimulus that was potentially very challenging/triggering. Part of my system wanted to get angry, but I took a breath, centered myself, and chose a different option.

The saying “freedom comes in the moment between stimulus and response” refers to the fact that you can always be at choice with how you respond to external stimuli. Instead of reacting with autopilot behavior, you can give yourself freedom by taking a pause after a challenging stimulus. In that pause, you can CHOOSE how to react. Anger might not always be your best option. In this story, I chose something different…

And my choice turned into one of the most surprisingly delightful evenings I’ve had while being a single guy in the dating world. It’s still one of my favorite stories to tell too. I hope you enjoy it!

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