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In this episode…

How our society does not set us up to thrive

How mushrooms and plants can be our allies

Daoist tonic herbs for better sex (and a better life in general)

An exploration of the Daoist concepts of Jing, Qi & Shen

This conversation is a journey…

It’s more of a casual hang out and discussion of life and sex – instead of a cut and dry educational experience. I wanted to give you that heads up in case you’re coming here for a clearly outlined lecture on the topic of herbs for better sex. It’s not that… even though we do hit that topic really well in the last quarter of the episode. 🙂

Mason Taylor is the founder of Superfeast, an international company (with a branch in the USA) that helps bring high-quality tonic herbs to people around the world. I personally take the Jing mixture almost every morning as part of my morning ritual, and you’ll hear me talk about why in the episode. If you visit the Superfeast store, use the code EROSRISING for a discount on everything. 🙂

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Episode times & topics:

  • 08:33 Who is Mason Taylor?
  • 17:51 Using herbs to protect yourself from illness and other deficiencies 
  • 21:04 The epidemic of exhaustion in today’s society
  • 23:41 How does “Jing” energy express in daily life?
  • 29:50 What are ways men lose Jing?
  • 33:17 Can herbs cure erectile dysfunction? 
  • 39:58 Men And longevity with herbs and sex energy
  • 45:69 What is Daoist tonic herbalism? (How does it work?)
  • 51:40 Tonic herbs for better sex & life in general
  • 1:04:45 Learn to listen deeply to life

Mason Interviews Me on the Superfeast Podcast:

  1. Semen Retention, Premature Ejaculation & Self-Love
  2. Men’s Sexual & Mental Health

Educational Resources from the Superfeast Website:

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Connect with Mason Taylor & Superfeast

Connect with Taylor:

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