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Main points…

This podcast will explore everything from non-ejaculatory orgasms and semen retention, to breath work, spirituality, masculinity and beyond

There will be 3 different kinds of episodes. (Interviews, Practical “How-To” Episodes, and Personal Stories)

Eros Rising is a new sex podcast for men – because as men, when we upgrade our sex lives, we improve life for everyone

A Sex Podcast for Men

Eros Rising is dedicated to uplifting the sex lives of men around the world – including everyone who loves these men too. In this podcast, we’ll mix down to earth conversations about sex with personal stories, and practical how-to episodes to help you have the best sex life you can possibly have.

With 3 kinds of episodes:

  1. Interviews with guest experts from around the world
  2. Practical sex episodes like “What Causes Premature Ejaculation,” and “Intro to Semen Retention”
  3. Personal stories about things I’ve experienced on my journey – like when I went to an anal sex party in Asheville, or how I had my first tantric orgasm, etc…
Taylor Johnson Podcast for Men - Eros Rising

What does “Eros Rising” mean?

Eros – refers to sexual attraction, sexual desire, sexual love, etc. Eros is also the name of the ancient Greek god of Love, who is the son of Aphrodite.

Rising – literally means rising, to raise up, and figuratively it means to improve and make better.

Eros Rising:

    • ONE: Improving the sex lives of men by raising sex (and any shame, anxieties and negative beliefs around sex) up from under the dark rug that society has swept it under, into the light of awareness, integrity and powerful, shame-free pleasure.
    • TWO: The process men need to go through in order to experience non-ejaculatory orgasms and full-body pleasure: We literally need to raise our sexual pleasure up from our genitals into the rest of our body – into our bellies, hearts, and the entire rest of our bodies.


Eros Rising Podcast Video Logo by Taylor Johnson Sex Coach

Why am I (Taylor) doing this?:

I’m here in service and support of you having the best sex life you can possibly have. Why? Because I believe that when we improve our sex lives, we improve ourselves from a deep core level. When we do that, I believe it ripples out into the rest of the world and helps to create a better experience for every living being.

I don’t claim to have all the answers, and I don’t want to be your guru, but I will say that I’ve helped thousands of men with their sex lives, and I’d like to help you too… because a healthy, integrative, powerful and pleasure-filled sex life is amazing – and it uplifts ALL areas of life.

My brief backstory is that I used to struggle immensely with sex – for years. Premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, porn addiction and sexual anxiety plagued me, and I even avoided women because I was afraid of what would happen if/when we had sex (I would ejaculate too quickly). I share this just to say that I understand the struggle, and I understand the journey to get to the other side.

The sex life you want is possible. 

It’ll just take work… and that work is worth it!


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Written by: Tony Moss/Sunny Solwind/Shireen Jarrahian/David Brown
Remixed by: Numatic

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