Sexual Energy Integration Exercise


(Do one set of 10 once per day, and then do another set of 10 any time when you feel out of balance).


  1. Cup your genitals with moderate pressure.
  2. Breath in deeply while gliding your hands up your body to your heart.
  3. While you’re doing this, visualize energy moving up your body.
  4. ***(If you know kegels, squeeze your pelvic floor on the inhale, and release your pelvic floor on the exhale).
  5. Pause at the top of the breath for a second or two to feel…
  6. Exhale fully while making sound and shaking your body. This “shakes off” any excess energy that didn’t get integrated into your system.
  7. Repeat 9 more times, for a set of 10.


After you do this practice, tune into your “why” for doing this 7-day challenge. The more you focus on this, the more real it will become.

Talk to you soon.