Financial Abundance & Semen Retention


Keep this in mind as you move through the days in this course. Your brain needs to logiaclly believe this is possible, and the more you open yourself to this possibility, the more likely it is to happen.


  1. Do your morning breathwork practice.
  2. Do the Sexual Energy Integration Exercise today
  3. Review your written answers from day 1, and say them aloud.



We’ll look at what it means to be easefully in power.

When you think of a king sitting on his throne, what do you see?

When I think of a king on his throne, this is what I see: he’s not up there holding tension in his body trying to be powerful, he’s sitting there fully in his ease, relaxed with power emanating from his core.

That quality (combined with non-cheesy self-love) will take us far.

Talk to you again soon,