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My name is Taylor, and I struggled with premature ejaculation and low sexual confidence for years. I’ve written this article to help you build your sexual energy because I wish I had something like this when I was younger.

For context…

I used to avoid sexual encounters with women because I was afraid of ejaculating too quickly, and I was addicted to porn (while being too ashamed to talk about it).

At the same time, I meditated, practiced yoga, listened to spiritual talks, did nightly lucid-dream practice, played in a kirtan band and had great girlfriends.

Something was off though…

My overall charge and zest for life was low. There was zero integration of my sex and spirit, and the concept of healthy sexual power was non-existent.

I share this with you just so you know where I came from.

If you’ve ever struggled with anything like this, you’re not alone. No matter where you are right now, you have the opportunity to align your sex and spirit, build your sexual energy and feel sexually incredible, confident and powerful.

I can say with 100% confidence that if you do everything in this article, your life will change forever.

These 5 ways to build your sexual energy work. (I’m telling you this from personal experience, and from supporting many men go through their own sexual transformations). 

There are a few more intro concepts I’d like to introduce, but if you want to skip ahead to the first way to build your sexual energy, click that link (it’ll take you further down on this page). 


Healthy Sexual Power

Sexual energy is one of the most powerful forces in this universe. It lives in your body, and it is a direct connection to the force that brings all life into this world. With practice, you can cultivate this power and use it to strengthen any aspect of your life.

This idea has been around for a long time in Tantric and Taoist Sexual philosophies, which view sex as a beautiful thing that should be celebrated and treated with reverence. These philosophies both believe that when you build your sexual energy and align it with your intentions and connection to a higher power/purpose, you can achieve greatness.

Ways to Build Your Sexual Energy - by Taylor Johnson

What is Sexual Energy?

Some traditions say that the foundation of everything in existence is sexual. Look around you – every plant and animal (including us humans) is the direct result of reproduction. Put into other terms, reproduction is the point at which life-force energy takes form.

When you feel sexually aroused, there is a different quality to this energy. It tingles, it’s warm, it can feel luscious and can sometimes have a pressure behind it. For the sake of this article, THAT is what I’m talking about when I refer to sexual energy. It’s the charge you feel in your body when you become sexually aroused (that you didn’t feel before).


The Benefits of Building Your Sexual Energy

When you cultivate your sexual energy, you can experience more clarity, more alignment with your life purpose, more confidence, ease, resilience, and deeper connection with life, yourself, and others. Your ability to make more money increases, your creativity blossoms, and you become more attractive too.

Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? It is… and while it’s relatively simple, it does take practice and discipline… and IT’S WORTH IT. Everything I’ll share with you below works, you just have to do it. I promise that if you commit and do these practices, your life will change forever.

Let’s jump into it… The 5 Ways to Build Your Sexual Energy:

1. Learn to Orgasm Without Ejaculation

Why? Because when you have an orgasm without ejaculation (which feels incredible), you gain a tremendous amount of energy. There’s no crash after the orgasm like there is with the typical ejaculation… that heightened sexual energy stays in your system, and it can feel like the gold star in Super Mario Brothers.

Another benefit of non-ejaculatory orgasms is that you can have many of them, over and over and over… and ride the waves of pleasure with your partner without entering any refractory period.

In order to get to this point, there are a few things you’ll have to do. The first of which is to completely re-program your beliefs around what is possible in sex. You’ll have to overcome premature ejaculation, and you’ll have to be able to spread your sexual energy into your entire body during sex (so it doesn’t stay localized in your genitals, building up sexual pressure so you have to ejaculate). I promise you it’s possible to get here with practice. I went from painstaking struggles with premature ejaculation to being able to make love for hours while having all kinds of orgasmic pleasure. You can do it too.

2. Practice Semen Retention

This is what it looks like to practice semen retention. 

Think about it… most men ejaculate 3 to 4 times per week, and the effects of a single ejaculation last for days. Do the math.

In Tantra, the practice of semen retention is referred to as “Brahmacharya.” In Taoist Sexuality, it’s sometimes called “The Tao of Love.” Both systems see your ejaculate as holy, and as a substance that should be treated with reverence and love – a substance not to be wasted. Both systems say that when you ejaculate you release some of your vital lifeforce energy, and that it takes a bit for your system to get back up and running fully.

This doesn’t mean you can never ejaculate, these systems simply suggest that you should ejaculate at a frequency that is ideal for your ENTIRE being (which is way less often than most men ejaculate). They give some recommendations as to the amount of time between ejaculations, but you are really the only person who will be able to figure this out for yourself.

To be clear, I love ejaculating. It feels great, and the experience of sharing this with a partner can be magical (especially when you ejaculate only on occasion). My personal sexual practice is to have both non-ejaculatory orgasms and ejaculatory orgasms. I choose to retain my semen and ejaculate only once every 10-15 days or so, with as much sex and non-ejaculatory orgasms as I want during that time).

Semen retention is about more than just retaining your sperm – it’s a lifestyle practice of noticing any energy leak in your body/mind/spirit, and plugging that leak so you can live a fully charged life. There’s no point in trying to fill a cup with water if the cup has holes in it… Once you plug the holes, then the practice is to increase the size of the cup – and keep filling.

If you want to try this practice and build your sexual energy, check out my free 7-Day Semen Retention Challenge for men. You can sign up below and start immediately.

Let’s keep going with this article…

The next major thing you can do to build your sexual energy is:

3. Stop Watching Porn

Porn isn’t inherently bad, but I do believe the way most men use it is harmful for us. It disconnects us from ourselves, and from other people… Porn is literally just pixels on a screen, and while our body reacts to it, there is ZERO energetic connection between you and the humans in that scene.

Have you ever paid attention to how feel after you watch porn? The minutes, hours and days after? After I watch porn I feel depleted, energetically drained, and I lose some level of connection with the people around me. The physical arousal from porn combined with the lack of connection to myself or a lover really does a number on my system… I’m guessing you feel the same.

Remember that porn is specifically created to be as stimulating/addictive as possible… and no human could possibly compete with a video that is professionally edited to switch camera angles every 7 seconds. Porn desensitizes us to the magical energy of sex that’s available within our own body, and in connection with real humans.

4. Do a Regular Morning Practice

If you want to build your sexual energy, then it’s important to live a proactive life. Instead of looking at your phone when you wake up, choose to prime your body, mind and spirit with some sort of practice that aligns you with your purpose and connects you with life. Personally, I rotate between 4 practices in the morning: breathwork, qigong, walking meditation or yoga.

My life changed when I started a consistent morning practice. I don’t think the importance of this can really be put into words, but I’ll try.

When you start your day with proactivity (instead of the reactivity that comes with looking at your phone) you are training your system to be more proactive in general. This has profound effects on the decisions you make throughout your day, and living a proactive life is very helpful when it comes to learning how to have non-ejaculatory orgasms and mastering the art of semen retention. These things take discipline and substantial proactive action.

To take your practice one step further, let’s move on to the 5th thing you can do to build your sexual energy:

5. Integrate Your Sexuality With Your Spiritual Practice

It doesn’t matter what your faith is. Bridge the gap between your sexuality and your spirituality. Find a way to do this, and your life will improve dramatically. 

Here’s a personal example. When I do yoga, I incorporate awareness of my genitals and sexual energy into the poses. When I do qigong, I often run my hands over my genitals in the forms. Sometimes to build and integrate my sexual energy, I will masturbate (self pleasure) for a few minutes without ejaculating, and then immediately do a yoga, qigong or breathwork practice.

Whatever practice you do, a great way to begin playing with this integration is to pleasure yourself for a few minutes without ejaculating, and then go right into your spiritual practice. Notice what happens. Can you integrate this energy? Can you stay focused? What comes through?

If you want to take it one step further and try something really incredible and edgy (at least it was edgy for me), you could stand naked in front of a mirror and gaze into your own eyes while you pleasure yourself. While looking into your own eyes, see if you can access that part of yourself that is Life – that is Consciousness. That part of you that is connected to all things. You are your own greatest lover… If you can do this with yourself, just imagine what presence you can bring to ANY scenario in life.

In Closing…

Sexual energy is powerful, your sexual choices impact your entire life, and you have the opportunity to harness this energy and use it for good.

When you do, I promise you your life will be better than you could have imagined.

RECAP: The 5 Ways to Build Your Sexual Energy:

    1. Learn to orgasm without ejaculation
    2. Practice semen retention
    3. Stop watching porn
    4. Do a regular morning practice
    5. Integrate your sexuality with your spiritual practice

And remember this…

You can do all of the sexual and spiritual practices in the world, but if you’re not getting enough sleep, eating healthy foods and drinking enough water, it won’t matter. Be mindful of all of your life choices – they have real impact (and I’m saying this for myself too).

If this article has helped you in any way, please share it with a friend. The world needs more of us men to talk about this.

I hope you have an epic day wherever you are in the world.


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Why You Should Ejaculate – AND Practice Semen Retention https://www.taylorjohnson.life/pro-ejaculation-and-semen-retention/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=pro-ejaculation-and-semen-retention Sun, 10 May 2020 19:16:32 +0000 https://www.taylorjohnson.life/?p=2367 The post Why You Should Ejaculate – AND Practice Semen Retention appeared first on Taylor Johnson.


Apparently some people think I believe men shouldn’t ejaculate. This couldn’t be further from the truth, and I’d like to set the record straight.

I am pro-ejaculation, pro-pleasure and pro-orgasm. I simply believe that these things are MUCH better when done with intention.

Being intentional with your ejaculation means proactively choosing to ejaculate – instead of passively defaulting to the standard pattern of sex and pleasure that society has given us. Sometimes this means choosing NOT to ejaculate because you understand the ramifications of what will happen if you do.

And this practice is worth it.

When I suggest that men go a period of time without ejaculating, it’s specifically because I want us to get out of the habituated patterns around sex that we as men are susceptible to. I want us to feel the charge in our body/mind/spirit that comes from being intentional with our sexuality. I want us to discover and step into a different sexual reality that is far more pleasurable and orgasm-filled than anything I thought was possible.

This requires some reprogramming… and again… it’s worth it.


Redefining Pleasure

For lots of people (including my younger self), ejaculation IS pleasure… and pleasure without ejaculation is basically a foreign language.

Ejaculation is the whole point of sex…

But it only lasts about 7 seconds…

Which doesn’t leave much room for the orgasmic pleasure that’s available to us in the 99% of sex that ISN’T “orgasm.”

These coveted 7 seconds are so important that men get angry if they don’t have an ejaculation, and many women feel ashamed or worry they did something wrong if their man doesn’t have an ejaculation.

E V E R Y T H I N G revolves around ejaculation.

And I understand.

I really do…

I used to get angry if I didn’t ejaculate in a sexual experience. It’s the woman’s responsibility to provide this for a man… right? I did think that at one point…

I remember one time years ago when a woman went down on me and didn’t bring me to orgasm… I got mad and said something like “what the hell’s the point if you’re not gonna make me c*m?!”


And… How was I supposed to know differently?


The Unfortunate Reality of Sex Ed Today

The main source of sex ed for most of us is porn, and the entire point of almost every porn video is to reach the “peak moment” of male satisfaction… The peak moment that is visually portrayed as the most gratifying and meaningful experience for everyone involved – whether or not there is ANY depth of presence or connection between the people on camera.

Sure porn “isn’t real,” but if you watch enough of it, it does begin to rewire how your brain approaches sex… because science.

Mainstream media doesn’t help either…

Think about any sex scene in any movie or TV show… They’re almost all filmed with short, intense scenes of a build-up of tension and pleasure that crescendos into an explosive release of orgasmic pleasure that brings the entire scene to a close… Fade out… move on to the next scene… Eat a sandwich… etc…

Rare is the sex scene that focuses on meaningful connection, and even more rare is the sex scene that shows any amount of sustained orgasmic pleasure.

Public school sex ed is a joke too (or at least it was for me). The main message I received from it was that if I had sex with a woman, we’d most likely get AIDS and/or get pregnant. So don’t. Just don’t. Full stop.

Some people still think this kind of “education” is a good idea.

Combine all of this with a society that shames and demonizes every expression of sex (unless it’s used to advertise and sell us stuff)… Combine all of this with a society that teaches men to “man up” and not talk about anything vulnerable… Combine all of this with how good sex feels and how much we all want it, and you’ll get the current state of our sexual society – which isn’t surprising at all.

The good news is that we have a choice. We can choose something better. We can choose something much more fulfilling and pleasurable than we may have ever imagined.


Here’s a Question for You…

Imagine your life right now… all the years you’ve lived up until this point…

Imagine you’ve gone all these years without ever tasting or even knowing about chocolate… Would you want to? Would you want the experience of rich chocolate melting in your mouth? Or would you rather not know that something else amazing was possible..?

(And what I’m talking about is waaay better than chocolate ever could be).

Let’s examine the typical narrative…

When a man and woman have sex, there’s generally an expectation that ejaculation will occur, and this expectation has an impact on the experience. Maybe he’s afraid of ejaculating too quickly, or not being able to at all. Maybe she’s concerned that she won’t be able to fully embody her pleasure because she’ll push him over the edge, or maybe she’s concerned that he’s so caught up in worrying about ejaculating that he won’t be present with her at all.

One way or the other, ejaculation will happen, and once it does, sex will be over.

To switch things up…


When Two Women Make Love…

Here’s a story from a female friend of mine:

“The first time I was with another woman changed my sex life forever. I had no idea what I was missing. It blew my heart and mind wide open – more than any sexual experience I’ve ever had with a man. It was incredible. We made love for hours, riding the waves of orgasm together… again and again and again. There was no worry about her “finishing” and being done. She didn’t disappear after orgasm. She was there, with me, the entire time. There was just presence, love, sex, pleasure and orgasm, over and over again.”

Do you want to guess how many times I’ve heard a story like this?

While it is true that women can have peak orgasms and a refractory period that follows…

Women DO have much easier access to a DIFFERENT KIND OF ORGASM that unfolds like a blossoming flower… An orgasm that swells and crashes like the ocean waves at high tide… over and over again in a timeless dance of complete ecstasy and surrender…

This is the kind of experience that brings tears of joy. This is the kind of experience that brings revelations. This is the kind of experience where you lose yourself and find yourself at the same time, and the Self you find is bigger than any self you may have experienced before.

This is real, and it is available to YOU.

Men can experience this too.

And once you do, you won’t forget it. You can’t unsee this.


The Magical Realm of Multiple Orgasms

Even if you don’t go back to that place for years, it’ll be in your mind and heart forever. Not because you gained or achieved something new that you have to hold on to… but because you’ve opened yourself to a current of life that has wanted to flow through you for a long time…

And now it’s flowing.

Sounds beautiful I know… and it is… and if you haven’t experienced this, you’re probably wondering how to get there.

The great irony is that by trying to get there…

You won’t.

You access this place by being so immersed in pleasure and connection, that a new door appears in the linear hallway of sex you’ve walked down thousands of times before. This door has been there every time, you just haven’t seen it before because you didn’t know to look for it.

You have to actively CHOOSE to step out of the linear goal-focused path of sex and go through that door…

You have to let go of any goal of orgasm.

And yes this can be challenging, because the linear path is so well known, and it’s easy to default to the same physical sexual patterns… Do this thing here, flip them over here, bite here, lick here, escalate, insert, proceed as usual, orgasm, end, move on to the next thing in life.

Stepping out of this hallway requires effort.

Stepping through this door almost always requires saying no to the ejaculatory urge (at least for some extended period of time).

It always requires saying yes to pleasure.

Yes to breath.

Yes to connection.

Yes to full immersion in the moment.

And once you do step through that door, you’ll realize the path and door were just illusions. The illusion will lift like a clearing fog and you’ll see that you’re actually in the middle of the lushest and most life-giving landscape of pleasure you could possibly imagine… pleasure everywhere… in every direction… time stands still… ocean waves of orgasmic ambrosia come in, and they swirl through every cell in your body… merging with your entire being.

Going “backwards” on the path doesn’t mean “back” anymore… it just means a new direction of pleasure to explore.

Going “forwards” ceases to exist as a concept.

From this place, you can choose to have an ejaculatory orgasm… And if you do, enjoy it! Celebrate it! Relish and savor the magic of the experience!

You’ll probably find though, that you don’t want to.

In this space, you might find that ejaculation feels like a knock on your bedroom door when you’re asleep in one of the most beautiful dreams you’ve ever had. You won’t want to wake up.

And in this space, you won’t have to… because you’re not asleep.

This is a space of aliveness. Full awareness. This is a space of presence and pleasure, where everything is sacred.

You can kiss, savor, bite, spank, cry, choke, tickle, stay still, slap, restrain, receive, breathe…

You can role-play, embody your wild animal self, tie each other up, explore the transpersonal realms, and know what it’s like to be Life making love with Life.

Presence. Love. Pleasure. Embodiment.

This space can last for 3 minutes or 3 hours.

Then what…?


Should You Ejaculate?

If you don’t ejaculate, you can take this energy with you and put it into anything you want. If you do ejaculate, then you can still take energy with you, but it will be fundamentally different.

Both options are beautiful – when chosen with intention and awareness.

My position on this has evolved over time… and right now I see ejaculation as an incredibly beautiful and sacred thing… It’s as beautiful and sacred as NOT ejaculating. The ease, release and connection that can come from an ejaculatory orgasm is pure magic.

HOWEVER, if ejaculation is the only thing we know, we’re selling ourselves and our partners short.

Get out of the default. Break the pattern.

There’s an entire iceberg under what we see as just the tip.

I had to fit that in there… 

The last seed I want to plant is this:


Semen Retention Will Supercharge Your Life

When a guy goes for an extended period of time without ejaculating, he experiences cognitive shifts, changes in his feelings of vitality, life purpose, motivation and confidence. His presence changes, and people can feel it.

When a guy does this in combination with a regular somatic practice like yoga or qigong (or any embodiment practice that combines movement with deeper internal awareness), these shifts will be positive, and they’ll feel amazing. The extra charge that comes from doing so will be integrated into the body in a potent way… and it can feel like getting the gold star in Super Mario Brothers – except it lasts for days instead of 10 seconds.

You can’t intellectualize this. You just have to feel it.

It’ll change how you walk in the world.

Sex is more than just sex.


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How a Sex Magic Ritual Changed My Life https://www.taylorjohnson.life/sex-magic-ritual-changed-my-life/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=sex-magic-ritual-changed-my-life Thu, 23 Jan 2020 08:59:40 +0000 https://www.taylorjohnson.life/?p=1716 Recently I went to a sex magic ritual in the jungle in Mexico, and it was a major turning point in my life. The story starts one year ago if you’re curious… **This is a personal story, different from most of my other blog posts. As of today… I’ve been single for exactly one year, […]

The post How a Sex Magic Ritual Changed My Life appeared first on Taylor Johnson.

Recently I went to a sex magic ritual in the jungle in Mexico, and it was a major turning point in my life. The story starts one year ago if you’re curious…

**This is a personal story, different from most of my other blog posts.

As of today…

I’ve been single for exactly one year, and it has been one of the best years of my life.

The nice thing about traumatic breakups is that they create huge opportunities to reflect and change course (IF a person chooses to do that work).

I thought I had done that work…


At the end of that relationship, I needed to come back to myself… And that simple fact alone should be quite telling (I lost myself in the relationship). 

Enmeshment and codependency have been themes of my “relationship shadow,” and I have felt like I needed to come back to myself at the end of other relationships too.

It didn’t strike me how big of a problem (and pattern) this was until 11.5 months ago, so I decided to change.

I went to work.

Soon after my relationship ended, I noticed just how quickly my brain/heart wanted to fill that space with new romantic connections. Yes I was single and “wanted to be single,” but my eyes were still open – scanning for “the one.”

But that “openness” was coming from a place of lack…

So I committed to no relationships for 6 months, and I shared this commitment with a few close friends for accountability. Instead, I committed to a romantic relationship with myself.

(Apparently I needed at least 12 months). :p


The Work…

Part of the work I’ve done this year was to actually create the things I’ve wanted to create for a long time – but didn’t because I was afraid, and because I chose to put so much energy into supporting and creating my partners’ visions.

Another MAJOR part of my work has been to intentionally cultivate and fall in love with myself. It wasn’t enough to just have occasional profound feelings of self-love… I wanted this to be part of my daily experience. 

I wanted to wake up in the morning in love with myself, and go to bed in love with myself. To be in love with myself even when pain would come through. I wanted to know what this was like without being distracted by the search and “openness” for a romantic relationship.

Fundamentally, I believe that states are created by action, so I took regular, concrete action steps to create a foundation of sovereign self-love.

  • Dates with myself
  • taking myself out to eat
  • going on solo hikes
  • getting massages
  • staying in instead of going to social gatherings
  • treating my physical body with care and compassion
  • investing in workshops that have fundamentally changed how I show up in the realms of relationship & sexuality.


One of the most impactful things for me has been the time and effort I’ve put into clarifying and living my purpose on this planet, while using the painfully pleasurable sword of discernment to cut away everything that does not support this. 


In the relationship world…

Every time I felt the desire or yearning for some sort of romantic relationship, I took a deep breath and went inward… I noticed that each time this happened, it came from a place of lack. A place of being unfulfilled. 

In those moments I tuned into what my system needed (thank you Steve Torma and NVC), and figured out a way to resource those needs without any romantic connection (sometimes by myself, and other times with close friends).

The most rewarding & life-changing moments happened when I shifted my lack-based desire for partnership into fuel to do something positive & uplifting for my self-relationship.

For example…

The Sex Magic Ritual I mentioned in the beginning of this post (which was facilitated by Laurie Handlers & Michael Gibson at the Mexico Tantra Festival) was monumental for me.


Try this thought experiment:

Imagine you are in a room full of 100 people (mostly strangers) at a tantra festival, and you and everyone else know that you’re in that room for the Sex Magic Ritual. You’re also all aware that in the next few minutes you’re going to have the opportunity to choose one person to do the ritual with.

Who will it be?

Does any anxiety come up for you? Feel any pressure?

I could tell that people were somewhat paying attention to the prep talk, but they were also scanning the room to see who they wanted to partner with. 

I was doing it too…

Even with all the work I had done that year, in that moment, I still scanned the room for a partner with a lack-based mentality.

My mind thought: “look at all of these beautiful humans around you, you should find an amazing one to do this ritual with! Don’t be alone!”

But I remembered to tune in…

The partner I was scanning the room for was me.

So I chose me.

This ritual usually happens in pairs, but we had the option to do it with ourselves. When the facilitators said “go find your partner,” I sat in stillness with myself, as the rest of the room went into motion to find and settle into pairs. 

As soon as I made that decision, I felt an expansive deepening in my heart, and my energy shifted from my head into my lower belly. I felt warm, full, content, expansive, full of ease, connected to everyone in the room and connected to something greater. I felt grateful beyond words.

The Sex Magic Ritual

There are many forms of sex magic.

The focus for this ritual was to combine our sexual arousal/energy with an intentional focus on what we wanted to create in this world. The idea is when you weave together two of the most powerful forces in the universe (your orgasmic energy and your focused intention), you set elements of life into motion that will support the creation of whatever you want to create.

The ritual began…

A crescendo of sexual breathing, undulating hips and moans of 100 people filled the jungle air, and I joined them as a unified chorus of pleasure-filled intention.

Rocking my hips and combining my orgasmic energy with focus on my vision for the future, I felt my vision anchor itself deep inside my being. It was as if my sexual arousal was the bridge that my intentions needed to cross from my mind into the core of every cell of my body.

Whether or not it “cast a spell” with external forces doesn’t matter…

In that ritual, I experienced embodiment of my desire in a way that I never had before, and this embodied desire has already impacted the lives of many thousands of people through youtube videos, podcasts and articles I’ve created (and in-person experiences).

If I had chosen to do the ritual with another human, I doubt the impact would have been the same. Sure it could have been amazing, and I know it was life-changing for some who did it as a duo, but in that moment I needed to do sex magic with myself.

That sex magic ritual was a turning point in my life.

I haven’t felt any lack-based yearning for a relationship since then (this happened in early November).

What I have felt is a consistent and powerful drive for creating what’s important to me in this world… and this drive has been fruitful.


So What’s Next?

For much of last year, romantic relationship felt like a distraction, even though I occasionally wanted it.

I watched people around me swirl in the chaos of relating… drama, desire, discontent, highs & lows, codependency, joy, pleasure, ownership-based control and fear, childlike play, pain, trauma and passion…

I watched new people (of all genders) show up to the dating scene in Asheville and get swarmed (by all genders).

I’ve watched other people feel down with thoughts of never finding “the one.”

And yes, I’ve contributed, and I have no place to judge. I’ve been totally caught up in the swirl of everything too.

Things feel different now though in a way they never have before.

It blows my mind how much energy we give to the beast of a thing that is romantic relationship. It’s truly remarkable how much time it takes up…


Now I’m asking:

What’s the point?

It’s a very ripe question for me when I acknowledge that I have been incredibly happy and content without a romantic partner for the majority of this past year. I’ve had almost all of my needs consistently met by close friends and community.

It has been nothing short of revolutionary. So again…

What’s the point?

The point for some is to find a mate and create children.

For others, it’s to find “the one” – a concept that becomes more delusional to me with each day that passes…

There’s also a point to the muse relationship… which comes with a generative quality that has inspired some of the greatest art of our civilization.

For some, the point is play…

There’s also the point of a mutually-uplifting long-term partnership where each person is a sovereign being. This does seem to exist, albeit quite rare. If I enter into a long term partnership, it will be from this place. I would enjoy that at some point… but I’m not going to hold my breath.

I suggest you don’t hold your breath either.

I’ve found that the quickest way to find your soulmate is to wake up in the morning, go straight to a mirror and say “I love you.”


Soulmate found.

None of this twin-flame codependent Disney bullshit.

You are your own soulmate…

Already complete. Already whole. Already beautiful. Capable of great love.

And I am mine.

It’s nice to meet you.


I share this as part of my own process, and because sometimes people tell me they are deeply impacted by what I share. The act of writing this has already been worth it, and if it helps one person in some way, it’ll be exponentially worth it.

Please let me know.

Thank you!


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Sexual Energy Transmutation Explained https://www.taylorjohnson.life/sexual-energy-transmutation-explained/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=sexual-energy-transmutation-explained Fri, 17 Jan 2020 09:21:26 +0000 https://www.taylorjohnson.life/?p=1702 The ability to transmute your sexual energy is one of the most valuable things you could ever learn to do. And here’s some good news… You’ve been transmuting different kinds of “energy” your entire life. Transmuting sexual energy is similar, but because we don’t talk about it as a society, it feels more complex than […]

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The ability to transmute your sexual energy is one of the most valuable things you could ever learn to do. And here’s some good news…

You’ve been transmuting different kinds of “energy” your entire life.

Transmuting sexual energy is similar, but because we don’t talk about it as a society, it feels more complex than it actually is. 

My goals with this article are to:

    • Give you a practical understanding of the concept
    • Show you how to begin applying it in your life
    • Show you resources to go deeper if you want

Let’s start with an example…


Basic Transmutation:

Think back to a time in your life when you were excited to do a thing, but for whatever reason, you had to do something else. You had to make a decision to do something with your excitement other than follow it through…

A common shared experience of this happens in childhood.

Imagine a time you wanted to go out and play with your friends, but you couldn’t because you had homework to do. You weren’t allowed to play with your friends until you finished your homework (or chores). In that moment of excitement, you had a decision to make. 

You could get mad or sad and shut down… OR you could harness that excitement and use it to help you power through your homework (or chore), so you could go out and play with your friends.

This is a simple example of energetic transmutation.

Energy (your potential to do work) is transferable… and transmutation is the intentional shifting of one form of energy into another.

Whenever you’ve used discipline and intention to do something important (instead of falling prey to the urge for instant gratification), you’ve transmuted your energy.

Sexual energy transmutation works similarly. (With a few major differences).

For now, let’s agree on a working definition…


What is Sexual Energy?

You know that feeling you get when you feel like you want to f*ck or “get off?” When you feel that, there’s a different kind of sensation happening in your body. There’s a “charge” so to speak. We can call that charge “energy.”

This charge is often felt in your genitals, and it’s a different kind of charge than the excitement you felt when you wanted to play with your friends.

Some people say that all energy is sexual, but for the sake of this article, we’ll label sexual energy as the charge you feel when you get aroused.


Sexual Energy Transmutation

This is the act of harnessing your arousal, diverting it and directing it towards anything you like. 

This act is so powerful and important that an entire chapter of the book “Think and Grow Rich” was devoted to it (this book is one of the most popular entrepreneur books of all time – check it out).

So how do you transmute your sexual energy?

Let’s look at another common experience for us men: porn.

What happens to your body when you get the spontaneous desire to look at porn? In that moment in your body there is a stimulation… a charge… an electricity and a desire. Whatever you want to call it, there is something in your body that wasn’t there before.

What you do with that energy is your choice. You could follow that energy and watch porn (which would most likely lead to masturbation and the loss of your energy), or your could harness that charge, divert/transmute it and put it into anything you want.

Here’s how:

The very second you get the urge to look at porn and feel that charge in your body, instead of opening your laptop, you could immediately drop down and do 30 pushups. Stand up again and notice how you feel.

It can be that simple.

You will almost certainly feel a fully embodied charge, and your desire to look at porn will be gone, or at least not be as strong.

Physical exercise is an excellent way (and the most practical) for men to integrate and transmute energy.

If I ever get the urge to watch porn, I immediately drop and do 30 pushups. If I still feel the urge, I’ll do 50 jumping jacks. If I still feel the urge, I’ll do 30 more pushups. Then… if after all that I still feel the urge, I’ll go on a 20-minute run. This has worked for me every, single, time. If you want to know more about how to stop watching porn, I’ll have an article about that up soon. 

Let’s look at a sexual example.


Sexual Energy Transmutation and Ejaculation

Every time you ejaculate, you release some of your “energy.” This is true even from a purely reductionist perspective. Think about it… When you ejaculate, your erection goes away, and your arousal does too.

And, this isn’t a bad thing!

I practice semen retention AND I enjoy ejaculating from time to time. It can be good to let your energy go.


If you’re over the age of 18 and you’re ejaculating every day, you’re probably not living up to your full potential as a human. 

Instead of letting your energy go through excess ejaculation, you could transmute it and use it to charge up your business, creative projects, relationship, friendships, and anything you want.

Having sex and not ejaculating is an incredible way to build your energy, you just have to make sure to integrate (transmute) this energy so you can actually use it (and avoid blue balls).

Sexual Qigong and Yoga are excellent tools you can use to transmute your sexual energy too.

If you want a deep dive into building your sexual energy, my 21-Day Semen Retention Challenge is coming up soon (February 2020), and you can also check out my Orgasmic Mastery Course.

If you want to know more about the Semen Retention Challenge, sign up with the email form below, and you’ll hear from me soon!



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How Often Should You Ejaculate? https://www.taylorjohnson.life/how-often-should-you-ejaculate/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=how-often-should-you-ejaculate Mon, 26 Aug 2019 22:06:43 +0000 https://www.taylorjohnson.life/?p=572 The post How Often Should You Ejaculate? appeared first on Taylor Johnson.


As a teenager it’s possible to ejaculate 5 or 6 times (or more) in a day and feel great. Once you get to be in your late 20s or early 30s though, it’s an entirely different story… I’m 34, and if I ejaculated 5 times in one day it would fuck me up. So how often should you ejaculate?

Let’s get into it…


Your Ideal Ejaculation Frequency (IEF)

This is the main concept I want you to take from this article. Your ejaculation frequency has a direct impact on EVERY aspect of your life.

Only you can determine your ideal ejaculation frequency, and in this article you’ll read perspectives from Tantric, Yogic and Taoist Sexuality philosophies that will help you figure this out.

We’ll talk about the modern practices of semen retention and nofap too.

Before we get there, we need to debunk a major myth first:


Your Brain is a Sex Organ

There’s this myth/illusion in our western world that sex lives in an isolated box in our genitals… but nothing could be further from the truth.


Your brain is sex organ, and your entire body is too. The decisions you make with your sex life impact your entire life. Don’t believe me? Consider this:

If you’re constantly ejaculating while watching porn, you’re constantly programming your brain to associate arousal and pleasure with pixels on a screen. This hits many men like a drug, and the effects are so intense that lots of men who habitually “use” porn find it difficult to get and sustain an erection with a real women.

If you’re constantly letting your energy go through excess ejaculations, you’re living in a perpetual state of ejaculation hangover. This is a state of non-peak performance where your mental clarity, motivation, confidence and drive are lower than they could be.

How do you think this could impact you when you go in for a business meeting? For an interview? For a negotiation? You probably won’t have that extra energy and fire needed to push through and make something truly great happen.

This is why Napoleon Hill included an entire chapter in his book “Think and Grow Rich” called The Mystery of Sex Transmutation. After talking to a group of the worlds most successful men, Napoleon realized that these men were able to build, harness and utilize their sexual energy to supercharge the creation of their financially successful business ventures…

Napoleon says:

“The individuals of greatest achievement tend to be those who have highly developed sexual natures and who have learned the art of sex transmutation.”

Then he famously says this:

“Sexual energy is the creative energy of virtually all geniuses.”

To which he then clarifies:

“The mere possession of sex energy itself is not sufficient to produce genius. The energy must be transmuted from desire for merely physical contact, into some other form of desire and action before it will lift one to the status of a genius.”

These are important pieces of the puzzle to consider when we’re asking the question of how often should you ejaculate.

Tantric & Taoist Perspectives on Ejaculation

Eastern traditions (like Tantra & Taoist Sexuality) have linked sexual power with ejaculation frequency for literally thousands of years. These traditions have a lot to offer us because they generally take a more holistic approach to health than we do in the west.

There are lots of modern branches of these traditions, and even though they share similar fundamental philosophies, they still give different recommendations for how often you should ejaculate:

  • One Tantra school says you should only ejaculate for procreation (while having as much sex as you want).
  • Another Tantra school says that you should ejaculate only as often as you can give blood (every 8 weeks).
  • One branch of Taoist Sexuality says that you should ejaculate at a specific frequency that is related to your age (for example: view the image below).
  • Another branch of Taoist Sexuality says you should ejaculate based on what season it is (for example: zero ejaculations during the winter, occasional ejaculations during the spring, and very infrequent ejaculations during summer and fall).

Here’s an example from Mantak Chia’s book The Multiorgasmic Man:

How often should you ejaculate - multiorgasmic man mantak chia taylor johnson

It’s important to note that all of these traditions believe you should cultivate your sexual energy and be intentional with your ejaculations.

They all believe that excessive ejaculation depletes your sexual energy (life force), and makes you a less powerful being. They believe that sexual energy is a powerful resource that should be cultivated and treated with reverence… and that if you cultivate your sexual energy, every area of your life will improve.

(I’ve included specific real-world examples of this later in this article).

In these traditions, sex is viewed as a healthy, beautiful, and joyful act that should be experienced regularly, with intention, care, and celebration. That sounds a bit different from our western view of sex, doesn’t it? Western society’s views on sex are disappointing, and often misleading…


How Often Should You Ejaculate?

Again, the short answer is: You have your own ideal rate of ejaculation that is specific to you, and you alone.

The longer answer is: As often as it feels good for you, with one major catch…

When I say “feels good,” I’m not talking about the instant gratification kind of feels good. I’m talking about a deeper, core existential level of feels good. I’m talking about when you are in full alignment with your life purpose, where you feel powerful, abundant, confident, on-purpose, open and easeful in your body.

If you ejaculate often and/or watch porn often, you probably haven’t experienced the levels of “feel good” I’m talking about.**

**Frequent ejaculations and regular porn consumption can affect your brain in ways that reduce your ability to perform at your highest levels, AND that reduce your ability to have meaningful connections with other humans.

Determining your Ideal Ejaculation Frequency

To determine your ideal ejaculation frequency, you’ll need to experiment. If you ejaculate every day, try going 3 days without ejaculating and see how you feel. Then you could try going 7 days, 14 days, 21 days or even 30 days without ejaculating.

Notice how your levels of clarity, motivation, and confidence change. Pay attention to the little things too. For example, observe the following:

After you ejaculate…

    • Do you drink more caffeine?
    • Are you more irritable?
    • Do you find your partner less attractive?
    • Do you feel drained?
    • Do you have brain fog?

If any of these things happen for you, you probably need to increase the amount of time between your ejaculations.

On the other hand, if you feel empowered, clear, charged and easeful after you ejaculate, it’s a sign that the time between your ejaculations is ideal. But be careful with your self-assessment, because if you’ve never gone a longer period of time without ejaculating, you probably don’t have an appropriate frame of reference to compare to. 

I recommend making notes about your experiments.  I write about this in my journal. Something about writing it down on paper really helped everything land for me.

Your Ejaculation Assignment

Experiment with your ejaculation frequency, and observe your energy levels for 4 to 6 weeks. Make detailed notes in your journal about how you feel each day, and pay extra close attention to the day and days after you ejaculate.

After 4 to 6 weeks you should have a more clear idea of what your ideal ejaculation frequency is.

AND – It’s important to know that your ideal ejaculation frequency will shift over time. This is worth figuring out for yourself because the benefits of getting this right are amazing. I didn’t realize how much of an impact all of this had on my life until I did my own experiments…

30 Days Without Ejaculating

This was one of the most life-changing self-experiments I have done. I decided to go for 30 days without ejaculating, and it improved literally every area of my life.

Before this 30-day experiment, I couldn’t see outside of my self-imposed bubble… I thought I knew what was best for me…

To make a beer analogy:

My sex life was as if I always drank shitty beer because I it was the only thing I knew, and I didn’t have any idea how amazing local craft beer could be. One day I decided to make the switch to craft beer, and it was as if a whole new world of pleasure opened up for me.

When Should You Ejaculate?

I’m sharing all of this in the context of the practice of semen retention, which I know I haven’t talked much about in this article. If you want to dive deeper into that topic, check out my semen retention guide.

For now, consider these things:

    • Do not ejaculate when you are sick. If you do, your body will not have as much energy to help you recover.
    • Do not ejaculate right before a sports game or physical challenge. Your performance will likely suffer. Check out Muhammad Ali’s perspective on ejaculation and performance if you don’t believe me.
    • If you have a huge work week ahead of you, in which you have to be at your peak performance all day every day, consider waiting to ejaculate until the end of the week.


If you do ejaculate when you’re trying not to, don’t worry about it. Enjoy it! Love yourself. It’s okay. This is a practice. It’s common for men to get down on themselves and experience shame if they accidentally ejaculate. I know that experience well, and that shame never helps anybody.

Enjoy your pleasure and keep living.


It might be time to ejaculate if…

    • You have gone a long time without ejaculating and you feel constantly tense and/or agitated.
    • You feel that you might emotionally or physically explode at any moment (you could also try qigong, yoga or going to the gym and getting an intense physical work out)
    • You’re ready. Go for it! Enjoy it. Ejaculating can be a wonderful experience. The important thing is to notice the difference between the physically addictive urge to ejaculate in a moment of pleasure, and your body’s healthy timeframe to ejaculate.


My Personal Ejaculation Practice:

I ejaculate about once every 10 days.

I can have as much sex and masturbation during that time as I want, as long as I make sure to integrate and transmute my sexual energy so I don’t get blue balls or go agro crazy.

When I know that I’m about to have sex, I decide BEFORE sex begins IF I’m going to ejaculate or not. Usually I don’t… and I’ve gotta say that the less I ejaculate, the more incredible the times when I do ejaculate become.

Another benefit of this is that if you make a steadfast decision not to ejaculate before you begin to have sex, you will have a much easier time lasting as long as you want in bed. Your mind is incredibly powerful, and it can be a great ally in the practice of semen retention and ejaculation control.

I Practice Semen Retention

Semen retention is essentially the modern equivalent of the Tantric and Taoist traditions of sexual cultivation. I’ve written lots about semen retention in other articles, and if you’re interested in it, I recommend checking out my Semen Retention Guide, and then signing up for this:

Closing Thoughts on Ejaculation Frequency…

If you cultivate your sexual energy and don’t ejaculate all the time, you can uplevel every area of your life.

How often should you ejaculate? Probably less often than you currently are. Try an experiment. Your life is worth the effort.


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The Better Sex Conversation https://www.taylorjohnson.life/better-sex-conversation/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=better-sex-conversation Sun, 28 Jul 2019 22:45:37 +0000 https://www.taylorjohnson.life/?p=1140 The post The Better Sex Conversation appeared first on Taylor Johnson.


Before you get to this point with a new lover…

How to Communicate About Sex - Coach Taylor Johnson

I suggest you have a talk.

It’s very specific kind of conversation that will make your sex hotter, more connected, safer, and more pleasureable than you might imagine.



While it might seem exhilarating to go into sex like they do in the movies (without talking about it), doing so is setting yourself up for disaster.

If you don’t talk about it, you won’t know…

    • if this person wants a relationship with you, or if they just want casual sex.
    • if this person practices safe sex, of if they just had unprotected sex with 5 other people in the last week.
    • if they’ll expect you to call them the next day.
    • if they’re on birth control.
    • what they would do if they got pregnant.

You cannot safely make assumptions about these things…


If you don’t talk beforehand, you also won’t:

    • know what really turns them on
    • have the opportunity to share what turns you on
    • know what their boundaries are
    • have the opportunity to share your boundaries

Hitting a boundary in sex without talking about it first is challenging at best (very few people like a surprise finger in the butt).

It would be MUCH better to talk about boundaries beforehand so you both can stay in the safe (fun, sexy, easeful) zone.

How to Communicate About Sex - Coach Taylor Johnson

The conversation I’ve outlined in this article will make your sex amazing (if you choose to have sex), and it will also prevent most of the painful & obnoxious fallout that can happen when you have sex with someone without good communication.


Better Sex Conversation

(The quick version…)

Before you have sex with a new person, talk about everything below. Your experience will be MUCH better.

(I go into detail on these talking points later in this article).

Part 1 Conversation Topics:

      • Physical Sexual Health/Safety
      • Sexual Preferences (Hetero, Bi, Pansexual etc…)
      • Relationship Status (Single, Monogamous, Poly, SoloPoly etc…)
      • What would having sex mean to you?
      • Would anybody else be impacted?
      • Female Reproductive Cycle Awareness
      • Pregnancy Prevention
      • Expectations & Aftercare

Part 2 Conversation Topics:

(If you go through everything in Part 1 and still want to be sexual).

    • Desires: What would you like to experience?
    • Fears: Anything you’re concerned about?
    • Boundaries: What do you NOT want to do?


When should you have this conversation?

I recommend having this conversation while you’re on a walk, or out to eat, or anywhere that isn’t normally associated with sex.


Because bringing this topic up outside of the sexual experience allows for you to talk without the imminent pressure of being sexual.

It can be a fun way to build trust and connection, and it can create anticipation for later!


How to Initiate This Conversation

You could easily say this:

“Hey, I learned this awesome format of a conversation that’s good to have with a person I might be interested to see if we’re on the same page. Would you be down to try it?”

The more confident and excited you are about this conversation when you present it, the more fun will be… and you’ll either feel much more excited about sex with this person, or you’ll realize you don’t actually want to be sexual with them after all.

Both outcomes are a win!

I’ve outlined the questions & talking points below. You can either go back and forth with each question, or you can go through the whole list and then switch. Both ways work. Under each question I’ve given some ideas about what you could say and how to talk about it.

READ EVERYTHING! I promise it will be worth your time.

That way, when you get to sex, you won’t have to think at all…

How to Communicate About Sex - Coach Taylor Johnson


The Better Sex Conversation Part One


What is your sexual health status?

    • “The last time I was tested for STIs was _______”
    • “I was tested for __________”
    • “My results were __________”


Since then, what sexual acts have you engaged in, and with how many people?

    • “I’ve had oral sex with one woman, but we didn’t have penetrative sex, nor did we touch genitals.”
    • “I haven’t had any sexual experiences since the last time I was tested.”
    • “I’ve had sex with three people since then, and I used condoms every time.”


What are your sexual preferences?

    • Straight? Bisexual? Pansexual? Gay? Bi-curious? Heteroflexible?

How do you identify, and what are your pronouns?

  • “I identify as a man, and I use he/him pronouns.”
  • “I identify as a woman, and I use she/her pronouns.”
  • “I use they/them pronouns.”

These are important pieces of info to know just so you can understand your potential partner better, and so they can understand you better too. Understanding creates safety and connection, and those two things are the foundation for a great sexual experience.




What is your relationship status?

    • Single? Open? Polyamorous? 
      • If open or poly, what are your relationship agreements?

What are your relationship preferences?

    • If single, what would your ideal relationship look like?

This is important because if you’re poly and you’re considering having sex with someone, it would be really useful to know up front if this person only wants to be in monogamous relationships. Again… you can’t assume these things.


What would it mean to you if we had sex?

    • Would it mean that you want to be in a relationship with me?
    • Would it mean that you’re sexually celebrating our bodies without any commitments?
    • Maybe you’re not clear on what it would mean to you (warning sign).


Is there anybody who would be impacted by us connecting sexually?

For example:

    • Recent ex-partner
    • Another lover
    • Primary partner

How would they be impacted?

Is it worth it?

6. Women’s Cycles

Where are you on your moon cycle?

    • Are you ovulating?
    • Post-ovulation?
    • Are you about to bleed?
    • Did you just finish your period?


What do you use for pregnancy prevention?

  • Birth control? (Pill, patch, IUD, injection etc…)
  • Fertility Awareness Method?
  • Pull out method?
  • Ejaculatory choice?
  • Condoms?

What would you do if you got pregnant?

What would you want me to do if I got pregnant?


After we have sex (if we have sex), what would feel good to you/me? 

    • Cuddling and staying close?
    • Would you like me to sleep over? Would I like you to sleep over?

How/when should we communicate in the days after we have sex?

    • Send a text the next day?
    • Have a phone call in the next two days?

Come to some sort of agreement here on how you’ll communicate over the next few days. That way there’s no ambiguity or guesswork involved.


After hearing all of this, are you feeling interested in the possibility of sexually connecting with me?

Any answer here is a win.

If you’ve made it this far and one of you realizes that you actually don’t want to have sex, congratulations. That is some valuable information to have. This conversation has kept me safe from two situations that felt hot initially, but would have royally crashed and burned because of unspoken expectations & desires.

If both of you are a yes to sex, then you get to move on to the super juicy part of the conversation below!

How to Communicate About Sex - Coach Taylor Johnson


The Better Sex Conversation Part Two (Desires, Fears & Boundaries)

(The second part of this conversation can be fun to have every time you’re about to have sex.)


What are your desires for when we do have sex?

    • What types of touch and play would you like to explore?
    • What sorts of things do you like during sex?

This is your opportunity to own what you really want. Do you want to go down on them? Do you want them to go down on you? Do you want them to bite your neck while you made love? Do you want to lick their ass? Do you want them to finger yours?

It’s okay to want whatever you want in sex.

If you want to lick their ass, ask them. It can be absurdly hot.

How to Communicate About Sex - Coach Taylor Johnson

You won’t know if you don’t ask… so push yourself and go for it.



What fears do you have around connecting with me sexually?

It’s smart to talk about fears too, just so they’re “in play.” If you’re afraid that having sex with this person will impact your friendship, say so. Then you can have a conversation about how to protect your friendship.



What sexual boundaries do you have for our time together? 

    • Slapping?
    • Touching anally?
    • Biting?
    • Ejaculating inside of me

Lots of people get to this stage and think that they don’t have any boundaries… but they really do. It’s really smart to state some boundaries here. Remember that boundaries create safety, and safety creates connection, ease and erotically charged goodness.

I also recommend that you come up with a safe word that will bring a pause to any moment in your sexual experience. I like using the term “safe word,” because when else are you going to say it? Say this if you encounter anything during sex that is a boundary that you didn’t realize was a boundary beforehand.





    Talk about sex before you have sex!

    Please share this with anyone who you think would benefit!

    Thanks for being here, and thanks for caring about your sex life!


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    The Truth About Multiple Orgasms for Men https://www.taylorjohnson.life/multiple-orgasms-for-men-the-truth/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=multiple-orgasms-for-men-the-truth Mon, 22 Jul 2019 18:43:07 +0000 https://www.taylorjohnson.life/?p=1096 Have you read this book? There’s some great stuff inside, but the words “multi-orgasmic man” can be misleading. Truth #1: No matter how hard you try, you’re not going to be able to have 5 ejaculatory orgasms in a row and keep having sex. I don’t care if you’re only 18 years old… The refractory period is […]

    The post The Truth About Multiple Orgasms for Men appeared first on Taylor Johnson.


    The Multi-Orgasmic Man by Mantak Chia - held by Sex Coach Taylor Johnson

    Orgasm Without Ejaculation

    The Multi-Orgasmic Man by Mantak Chia - Held by Taylor Johnson


    “Learn to separate orgasm and ejaculation!”

    Multiple Orgasms for Men - Orgasm Without Ejaculation - Sex Coach Taylor Johnson

    (The vertical axis on this graph represents pleasure & energy, and the horizontal axis represents time).

    That leads us to this question:

    What does an orgasm without ejaculation feel like?

    “Shuddering waves of pure bliss. Tactile and palatable. Like I could ride that wave forever.”

    “It feels like I was floating with this never ending sense of ecstasy.”

    “Amazing…energy waves rippled up through my body.”

    “I felt like a bolt of lighting went thru my body. I shivered. Felt the hairs on my neck stand up. It was quite refreshing.”

    Observation #2: The Finger Lock Technique is Dangerous

    Multiple Orgasms for Men - Orgasm without Ejaculation - Sex Coach Taylor Johnson

    AKA: The Million Dollar Point (the point you press during the finger lock technique).

    Multiple Orgasms for Men - Orgasm without Ejaculation - Sex Coach Taylor Johnson

    The “finger lock” is dangerous, but some people still teach it. (Mantak and his own students don’t teach it anymore).


    Multiple Orgasms for Men - Orgasm Without Ejaculation - Sex Coach Taylor Johnson

    The finger lock technique pinches off the tubes that bring semen through your penis, and diverts your ejaculation into your bladder.

    Observation #3: This is Sexual Energy Transmutation

    Multiple Orgasms for Men - Sexual Energy Transmutation - Sex Coach Taylor Johnson

    Want to go deeper?

    In closing…

    Shoot me an email, or reach out to me on Instagram and let me know.

    The post The Truth About Multiple Orgasms for Men appeared first on Taylor Johnson.

    The Best Anal Toys for Men https://www.taylorjohnson.life/the-best-anal-sex-toys-for-men/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=the-best-anal-sex-toys-for-men Tue, 19 Feb 2019 16:51:05 +0000 https://www.taylorjohnson.life/?p=438 Do you want an anal toy? You’re in luck. I wrote this guide for you because the first time I tried to buy an anal toy was totally overwhelming…   Butt fear not! I’ve made it easy for you with this guide. All of the toys below are amazing, and I love them each for […]

    The post The Best Anal Toys for Men appeared first on Taylor Johnson.

    Do you want an anal toy?

    You’re in luck.

    I wrote this guide for you because the first time I tried to buy an anal toy was totally overwhelming…

    Best Butt Plugs for Men - Anal Toys for Men - Sex Coach Taylor Johnson


    Butt fear not!

    I’ve made it easy for you with this guide. All of the toys below are amazing, and I love them each for different reasons.




    Best Butt Plugs for Men - Anal Toys for Men - Sex Coach Taylor Johnson

    The Best Anal Toys for Men

    (Click the links below to be taken to different parts of this article).



    My 3 Favorite Anal Sex Toys for Men

    (Tied for various reasons, in no particular order).

    Best Butt Plugs for Men - Anal Toys for Men - Sex Coach Taylor Johnson

    Hands-Free, Vibrating Prostate Massager

    Click here to get your own!

    I love this toy because of how it feels inside my body. The size is perfect for me, the material is luxuriously smooth, the shape stimulates my prostate and it vibrates!! It also stays perfectly in place during dramatic body movements. I don’t worry about it falling out.

    This anal toy is good for:

    • Lovemaking
    • Prostate Stimulation
    • Self Pleasure Sessions


    • Stays in place during body movement
    • Feels natural in my body
    • Sculpted base keeps the toy in the right position for prostate stimulation
    • Easily changeable AAA battery


    • You can’t sit on a hard surface if you want this toy to keep vibrating. This is because the power button for the toy is directly at the bottom and it’s exposed. If you’re on the shower floor, or a desk, or the kitchen counter, you’ll have to accept that you will turn off the vibrations.
    • Limited adjustments of the vibration style, and no adjustments of vibration intensity
    • The material seems to hold on to smells, even if washed with soap – (see: How to Clean your Anal Toys).

    Best Butt Plugs for Men - Anal Toys for Men - Sex Coach Taylor Johnson

    Summary: This toy is my new favorite – in a tie with the other two toys below. I love how it stays snugly inside of me, and I love how the base of it feels on my perineum.

    Click here to get your own Vibrating Prostate Massager!



    Best Butt Plugs for Men - Anal Toys for Men - Sex Coach Taylor Johnson

    Remote-Controlled Vibrating Butt Plug

    Click here to get your own!.

    This toy is awesome, and the wireless remote control adds whole new realms of fun. For self pleasure sessions, I love how I can place this toy on a hard surface, and then slowly lower myself around it – it’ll stand straight up on it’s own.

    This anal toy is good for:

    • Self-pleasure sessions
    • Playful experimentation with partner who has the remote
    • Solo exploration of
    • Lovemaking



    • Can sit on hard surfaces and use those surfaces for leverage in getting the most pleasurable positions.
    • The remote is awesome. Especially for self-pleasure sessions… it is really nice to not have to reach around to the bottom of the toy to adjust settings every time I want something different.
    • Variety of vibration settings. This toy has a number of preset vibration patterns that are amazing, and you can adjust the intensity of each pattern too. All adjustable via the remote


    • The material seems to hold on to smells, even if washed with soap. (to fix this, see – How to Clean Your Anal Toys)
    • The only other con for this toy is that if it’s in my partner’s anus, the base of this toy hits my cock when we have penetrative sex in a way that doesn’t feel great. It has a wide base.

    Summary: The vibrations, remote control and ability to stand straight up on its own make this plug one of my top three favorites. Highly recommended.

    Click here to get your own Remote-Controlled Vibrating Butt Plug!



    Crystal Butt Plug - Best Butt Plugs for Men - Anal Toys for Men - Sex Coach Taylor Johnson

    Black Obsidian Prostate Massager

    Click here to get your own!

    I love this toy specifically for self-pleasuring sessions, and for self-massage of my prostate and anal regions. I have meditated with this toy inside me, focusing on expanding my root, and it has felt absolutely amazing.


    This anal toy is good for:

    • Self-pleasure Sessions
    • Prostate Stimulation/Massage
    • Anal Massage & De-armoring



    • There’s something grounding and primal about this toy that no other material has given me. It literally is carved out of the earth – it’s black obsidian!
    • I can get great leverage & grip with my hand(s) to massage my anal region and prostate. Other toys are not as easy to control from the outside.
    • This toy works really well for de-armoring, which is a process for opening up deep internal blocks to pleasure and intimacy. I do this by massaging every part of my anus and internal cavity with this toy (blog post coming about this sometime this year).


    • This toy doesn’t stay fully inserted by itself. It will fall out. If you’re standing you’ll need to keep a hand on it at all times. That’s why I personally like to use this toy when I’m lying on my back, and/or if I’m sitting upright in meditation.

    Crystal Butt Plug - Best Butt Plugs for Men - Anal Toys for Men - Sex Coach Taylor Johnson

    Summary: This toy is my favorite for self-massage, and for prostate massage/stimulation. The angle and size is perfect. I love the grounding energy of black obsidian too. Highly recommended!

    Click here to get your own Black Obsidian Prostate Massager!




    The Best Beginner Butt Plug & Anal Toy for Men

    If you want to start small, these are the two toys I recommend.

    You’ll probably want to “upgrade” not too long after getting one of these, but that’s fine. Sex & life is a journey. (These toys are too small for me right now, but they would be a great place to start).

    Beginner Butt Plugs - Best Butt Plugs for Men - Anal Toys for Men - Sex Coach Taylor Johnson

    Remote-Controlled Vibrating Butt Plug (Small)

    Click here to get your own!

    If you’re new to anal play, this toy could be a perfect one to start with. It’s essentially the same as the remote-controlled plug I listed above in my favorites, with two major differences:

    1. It’s smaller.
    2. It has less vibration power.


    This anal toy is good for

    • people who are new to anal pleasure, who want to start small
    • self-pleasure sessions
    • people who want the added sensation of vibration
    • lovemaking
    • exploring anal pleasure with minimal impact

    Click here to get your own Beginner Butt Plug!


    Beginner Butt Plugs - Best Butt Plugs for Men - Anal Toys for Men - Sex Coach Taylor Johnson

    Hands-Free Prostate Massager

    Click here to get your own!

    This is another great option for beginners. It’s small, about the size of a finger, and is a little less expensive than the vibrating plug above.

    I got this toy after exploring anal stimulation for a while, so it never stimulated me enough (because of its small size). That being said, I do know men who started their journey with anal pleasure with this toy, and they loved it.

    This anal toy is good for

    • people who are new to anal pleasure, who want to start small
    • self-pleasure sessions
    • lovemaking
    • exploring anal pleasure with minimal impact



    • Small, and aesthetically pleasing
    • The handles are easy to grab, and they keep this toy in place.


    • It seems fragile. When I had this inside of me, I was afraid to sit down even on my bed because I thought I might break the arms. I’m not sure if it actually would break, but I didn’t want to find out. This toy seems best for positions where you’re upright or laying on your back – but not sitting down.
    • This toy seems to hold onto smell too because of the material (silicone). [Jump to – How to clean your anal toys.]

    Click here to get your own Beginner Hands-Free Prostate Massager!





    Black Obsidian Anal Toys

    As practical as I am, I also believe that energy comes in various forms, and I love the form of black obsidian.

    Black obsidian is grounding, rooting and powerful. I use these toys when I want to cultivate power in my life. Now before you write this off as too new-age, I invite you to read just a little bit further and approach this with an open mind.

    Crystal Prostate Massager - Best Prostate Toy for Men - Sex Coach Taylor Johnson

    Black Obsidian Curved Prostate Wand

    Click here to get your own! (And for more info)

    Black Obsidian literally comes straight from the earth. Whether or not different stones have different qualities of “energy” doesn’t really matter… Just knowing that I have the earth inside of me creates a powerful effect.


    Crystal Butt Plug - Best Butt Plugs for Men - Anal Toys for Men - Sex Coach Taylor Johnson

    Black Obsidian Butt Plug

    Click here to get your own! (And for more info)

    I use these toys when I want to connect deeply to life. Sometimes I’ll self pleasure with these, and then sit in meditation with this plug in… focusing on my root. I’ll focus on areas of my life like stability, power, money, connection to the earth and more.

    Crystal Butt Plugs for Men - Best Butt Plugs for Men - Anal Toys for Men - Sex Coach Taylor Johnson

    If you’ve never tried meditating with a butt plug in, I highly recommend it. Please feel free to reach out and ask me any questions about it.



    One more favorite:

    Metal Butt Plugs - Best Steel Butt Plugs for Men - Anal Toys for Men - Sex Coach Taylor Johnson

    Stainless Steel Butt Plug

    Click here to get your own! (And for more info)

    I kept this one in my shower for a long time. One thing I love about this plug is the ability to do temperature play. It’s fun to run hot water over this to warm it up, and then insert it. The heat feels really, really good, and it has a nice weight to it too.

    I also love the shape of this plug – the sensation of it going in and out feels awesome, and when it’s in, I have no worries about it falling out.

    One thing I dislike about this plug is the handle. I can barely get one finger through the hole, which makes it awkward to hold. If they could come up with a more ergonomic handle I would be thrilled.




    How to clean anal toys - how to clean butt plug - best way to clean anal sex - Coach Taylor Johnson

    How to Clean Your Anal Toys

    I do a simple two-step process for cleaning my toys.

    1. Soap and water – specifically I use Dr. Bronners peppermint soap.
    2. Then I put my toys in my Ultraviolet Toy Cleaner.


    This UV toy cleaner is the only thing I’ve tried that is able to fully get rid of butt smell from silicone toys. It works like a fucking charm. I use it all the time.

    It comes in two different sizes. I have the smaller of the two, which is less expensive (it’s the one photographed here). They also make a larger version that can fit more and larger toys.

    Pricing below:

    1. For the Larger Size, Click Here
    2. For the Smaller Size, Click Here

    Both versions are great. If I didn’t already have the smaller one, I would get the larger one and keep most of my toys in it for cleaning and storage. (I can only fit 2-3 toys in the small one, as you can see here).

    If you don’t want to buy something like this, you could buy some sort of toy cleaner out there – possibly an alcohol-based sanitizer spray. I prefer to keep it simple though – soap + water + light.

    There’s a charging port inside the UV cleaner too, so if one of your toys charges via USB, you can keep it inside!

    How to clean anal toys - how to clean butt plug - best way to clean anal sex - Coach Taylor Johnson

    When you’re ready to go into storage mode, it folds up and has an elegant look & feel to it.

    How to clean anal toys - how to clean butt plug - best way to clean anal sex - Coach Taylor Johnson


    Which Lubricant Should You Use?

    For the Black Obsidian and Metal toys, I love using Uberlube. This is actually my favorite lube in general. I love it for self pleasuring and vaginal sex too. It’s smooth, has a luxurious texture and it doesn’t have a taste or aroma! It leaves a wonderful moisturized after-feeling too. Love it love it love it. You can find some by clicking here.

    For silicone sex toys, I personally love using organic coconut oil. If you want to use a water-based lubricant, Sliquid Organics feels awesome, but has that weird taste and smell that most water-based lubricants seem to have.

    IMPORTANT: Do not use silicone lubricant with silicone sex toys. The Aneros and B-Vibe toys are made of silicone. You will damage these products if you use a silicone lube with them.


    How to Have the Most Pleasure and Avoid Pain

    This is a really sensitive area we’re talking about here. You can’t just jam stuff in there and expect things to feel good… it doesn’t work like that.

    You have to start small, and go very, very slowly. I’m talking about a quarter of an inch per minute kind of slow at first. Breathe deeply, and practice squeezing and releasing your anus… FULLY releasing your anus.

    Two other important points:

    1. If you have to poop, do that first, and then clean up.
    2. Cleanliness is crucial. Take a shower first and wash your ass. Seriously. Some people even recommend anal douching. I haven’t done that, and I haven’t found it necessary.

    My next article is going to be a beginners guide on how to experience the most pleasure with anal play. 



    I am not sponsored by any of these companies, nor did they contact me and ask me to write a review about their products. I personally reached out to them and asked if I could be an affiliate because I like their products so much. That means I’m not getting paid for writing this article.

    That being said – IF you purchase a toy through one of the links below, a percentage of that sale will go towards supporting my work in creating a new world of sex positivity.

    Photography on this page: I created all of the photographs in this article. If you would like to use one of them, please credit me with a link to this website. Thank you!


    Thank you!

    If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

    If you have any suggestions or ideas, please leave them in a comment below. I’ll update this article every once in a while if I get a new favorite.

    Thanks again! Hope you’re having an awesome day wherever you are.


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    I Haven’t Ejaculated in 30 Days https://www.taylorjohnson.life/sex-without-ejaculation-for-30-days/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=sex-without-ejaculation-for-30-days Tue, 11 Dec 2018 15:29:40 +0000 https://www.taylorjohnson.life/?p=406 The post I Haven’t Ejaculated in 30 Days appeared first on Taylor Johnson.


    I just went 30 days without ejaculating, and it literally improved every aspect of my life. No joke.

    This is my story.

    And yes that’s me on top of the waterfall. I had amazing sex without ejaculating just 5 minutes before that photo was taken, and in that moment I felt incredible.

    Semen retention for the win!!

    No ejaculation for 30 days - semen retention benefits by TaylorJohnson

    You’re probably here because you’ve heard that there’s something more to this whole sex thing… something powerful…

    You’ve probably heard of NoFap, Semen Retention and maybe even sexual energy transmutation. You might even be considering trying something like this yourself.

    I’m writing this specifically to share my journey with you so you can know what to expect if you try something like this, and so you can know what preparations you should make so you can get the greatest results.

    For context, here’s what these 30 days sexually looked like for me:

      • Regular sex with my girlfriend
      • Regular masturbation
      • Zero porn
      • Zero blue balls
      • Multiple non-ejaculatory orgasms
      • Zero ejaculations

    Let’s get to it…


    Days 1, 2 and 3 – Refractory Period

    (Day 1 was the first day after I had an ejaculatory orgasm).

    Most people think the refractory period lasts about 15 minutes after an ejaculation, but the truth is the physiological and neurochemical effects of ejaculation last for days.

    From a biological and evolutionary perspective, when you ejaculate, you “complete” your body’s primary objective of being alive – to procreate and keep the species alive. This ejaculatory orgasm releases a flood of hormones and neurotransmitters that tell your body to relax. Mission complete. Chill out and take it easy.

    That’s fine, and it can be beautiful to relax into this, but this relaxed state is not a state of peak performance.

    So, if the impact of an ejaculation lasts for days, and most men ejaculate multiple times per week, logic would argue that most men are living in a state of non-peak performance.

    During these first few days I experienced lower sexual desire, lower passion, less motivation and less zest for life in general. This would have been fine if I was on vacation, but during these days I really wanted to be on point. I also noticed that I was more irritable than usual, more distractable, and less confident.

    I didn’t have sex during these 3 days – I was in a long-term relationship at the time, and after I ejaculated during sex with my girlfriend, I usually didn’t want sex for a few days after.

    These first three days were relatively anticlimactic… :p

    Days 4-7 – Return to Baseline

    My energy levels increased, and my sexual desire came back.

    The fog of ejaculation hangover lifted, and I felt an increase in clarity, motivation and passion for life. My creative fire returned, and all sorts of business and collaborative ideas came flooding in.

    I had sex two times during these days – it was beautiful, pressure-free sex. I didn’t have to focus on not ejaculating and retaining my semen because the “pressure to ejaculate” hadn’t really built up yet (in part because of the Tantric, Taoist & physical practices I was doing).

    Here’s what I did:

      • Daily Sexual Qigong for at least 10 minutes
      • Cardio at least 3 times per week (running, or bike riding)
      • a 1.5 hour yoga class at least once per week
      • Weight training at least twice per week
      • Meditation 3x week for 20 minutes minimum

    Why all that?

    Because it feels good, AND because when you go for an extended period of days without ejaculating, it’s not enough just to not ejaculate. You’ll have to do something to integrate the build up of energy into your body so it doesn’t drive you mad – especially if you’re used to ejaculating multiple times per week. This will make or break your semen retention practice.

    Most men who try the practice of semen retention experience major benefits in the first 7 days. I believe in this practice so much that I created a 7-day Semen Retention Challenge that’ll give you the tools for an powerful semen retention practice. Over 500 men have gone through so far, and the feedback I’ve gotten has been amazing. Also, it’s free.

    Try it for yourself:

    Days 8-11

    First major benefits & first major challenges.

    I experienced a massive upgrade in my life clarity/vision during this time. It felt amazing. Also, women seemed more attracted to me… I noticed that people in public started to notice me more. It was as if I was emanating or radiating something that they were drawn to.

    A lot of energy was building up inside me – and the practices of yoga, qigong, meditation and physical exercise felt crucial to my survival – they were the pressure release valve that allowed me to be thrive.

    If I didn’t do those practices, my excess energy would have built up into overly-charged aggression and frustration, or it would have stagnated, and possibly turned into feelings of sadness and despair.

    Sex was more challenging during this time because my body had a strong urge to ejaculate. I had to be on point with my energetic circulation practice, and I had to ask my partner to pause a number of times during sex so I wouldn’t go over the edge.

    Every time I had sex I immediately followed up with exercises to avoid blue balls, and I’m happy to say that I didn’t experience blue balls once during these 30 days. If you signed up for my 7-day semen retention challenge above on this page, you’ll get an amazing free tool for avoiding blue balls.

    Days 12-15 – Everything Intensified

    I had more energy, more clarity, and more drive, AND my physical urge to ejaculate increased too.

    When I had sex or self-pleasured I had to be VERY careful to not come close to the point of no return (ejaculation point), because the pressure was high.

    There was too much energy in my system. Qigong and yoga wasn’t enough to integrate, and I needed to release, but ejaculation wasn’t an option because I was committed to going for 30 days.

    The only thing that worked for me was intense, daily physical exercise (going on an intense run or lifting weights at the gym or both).

    These days felt like work. They weren’t easy.

    This was the first time in my life I had gone for 30 days without ejaculating, and it felt like a lot, but I was committed. 

    Day 16-20 – The First Big Wins

    My life purpose became more clear, and it integrated into my body in a way I had never experienced before.

    I literally felt my life purpose in my body as physical sensation.

    It felt amazing.

    It was like an internal compass that guided me through every moment of my day. It steered me away from situations that would have drained my energy, and towards situations that supported my life vision. This wasn’t an intellectual thing, I felt this in my body.

    Interestingly, I received a huge job opportunity during this time that would have netted somewhere around $10,000 (I’m a professional photographer & filmmaker during the day). Long story short, I didn’t take the job because it didn’t feel aligned with my purpose, passion and mission. If I had not been retaining my semen during this time, I would almost certainly have taken this job out of scarcity mindset. Turning down this job was a pivotal life moment for me…


    Sex became easier and more enjoyable during these days because my sexual response system was finally realizing that ejaculation wasn’t the goal of sex.

    It’s one thing to intellectually know this, but it’s another thing to go a period of time having sex without ejaculating so your body gets used to this – so it becomes the new normal.

    During these days I didn’t have that same build up of sexual pressure that I felt at the end of the second week… This energy was finally integrating into my body, and it felt amazing.

    Days 21 – 29 – THE Big Win 

    I experienced a major shift in how my body & mind dealt with the excess energy I had from not ejaculating.

    Instead of feeling like there was too much energy in my system, the extra energy naturally integrated into my body, mind and spirit. It brought me increased power, clarity, confidence, creativity and drive. It was like getting the flashing golden star in Super Mario Brothers, except that it kept going.

    Literally everything in my life was better.

    I experienced deep ease, peacefulness, vibrance, clarity, power, purpose, integrity, connection and presence in levels I haven’t experienced before.

    I felt alive in a new way, and it was fucking incredible.

    From day 20 to day 30, sex was wild. Everything from soft sensual lovemaking to f*cking like wild animals, and I didn’t have to work hard to not ejaculate because the extra energy was starting to integrate itself on autopilot.

    I still had to do Sexual Qigong and Yoga, but my body was starting to exist in a fundamentally new way, where it automatically integrated extra sexual energy and pleasure into my entire body.

    It felt like I was a different kind of human.

    Day 30 – I Felt Amazing

    And I wasn’t ready to ejaculate.

    I wanted to get away from any internalized program of expectation around ejaculation, so I waited until my body felt like a full yes to having that experience. That finally happened on…

    Day 32 – I ejaculated.

    The 10 seconds of spasmatic pleasure were nice, but honestly they weren’t as pleasurable as the entire past month.

    Post-Ejaculation Note from Day 32 (written one hour after ejaculating): After ejaculating I’m feeling a sense of ease, satisfaction and release in my body, mind and spirit. I can also tell that my ability to direct my creative energy into writing is not as refined as it was before… but that’s okay. I am a go go go person, and experiencing this release and ease every once in a while is good for me. I can also tell that my energy isn’t going to drop as much as it would have if I were ejaculating more frequently.

    To be clear, I do enjoy ejaculations. They’re incredibly hot, fun, and there’s nothing like ejaculating inside your partner. There’s also nothing like the experience of having sex and not ejaculating. Both are incredible.

    My Takeaways:

    Before this 30-day period I ejaculated roughly every 7-10 days. Now because of this experience, my ejaculation frequency is going to change. Ejaculating once every 14-21 days feels more appropriate right now. That’s the timeframe in which I experienced the most benefits of this practice.

    These 30 days changed my life. 

    I HIGHLY recommend trying this, even if you only go for 7 days without ejaculating. Remember that most guys experience major benefits or semen retention after just 7 days of not ejaculating.

    Sign up for my 7-Day Semen Retention Challenge and try it yourself.



    *Note – I originally wrote this article in 2018. I have since updated it in 2020 to include my new semen retention challenge, and the video below. Since writing this article I have gone 30 days without ejaculating many times, and I’ve found my ideal ejaculation frequency to be about once every 12 days.

    The Benefits of Not Ejaculating for 30 Days – (Explained in-Depth)

    In Closing…

    If there’s one thing I want you to take away from this article, it’s that your sexual energy is POWERFUL, and when you build it and treat it with reverence your entire life will change.

    Reach out with any questions – you can contact me here.

    Cheers brother!


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    How to Prevent Blue Balls https://www.taylorjohnson.life/how-to-prevent-blue-balls/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=how-to-prevent-blue-balls Sun, 25 Nov 2018 20:12:18 +0000 https://www.taylorjohnson.life/?p=566 How to Prevent Blue Balls: Actions to take BEFORE a sexual encounter: Action 1: Stretch your legs and lower body, and breathe deeply while you stretch. Action 2: Massage and cup your balls, bringing more life and vitality into them before sex. Action 3: Do some sort of mindful somatic practice like Yoga or Qigong. Action 4: Do 20 […]

    The post How to Prevent Blue Balls appeared first on Taylor Johnson.

    How to Prevent Blue Balls:

    Actions to take BEFORE a sexual encounter:

    Action 1: Stretch your legs and lower body, and breathe deeply while you stretch.

    Action 2: Massage and cup your balls, bringing more life and vitality into them before sex.

    Action 3: Do some sort of mindful somatic practice like Yoga or Qigong.

    Action 4: Do 20 pushups, 50 jumping jacks, 20 situps, and ANYTHING to get you more into your body.

    Actions to take DURING a sexual encounter:

    Action 1: Breathe deeply and intentionally. Treat your breath as a practice, and breathe powerfully into your belly. Breathe down into your balls.

    Action 2: Focus on feeling sexual pleasure throughout your ENTIRE body, not just in your genitals.

    Action 3: Shift your focus away from thoughts or expectations of ejaculation. This is huge. Your mind is fucking powerful.

    Action 4: Visualize and imagine your sexual pleasure (and sexual energy) spreading from your cock throughout your entire body.

    You might be happy to know that these same steps also help with learning how to last longer in bed. These steps can help to prevent Blue Balls even if you have sex for an hour and don’t ejaculate!!


    Actions you can take IMMEDIATELY AFTER a sexual encounter:

    Action 1: Massage and squeeze your balls firmly (not hard enough to cause pain). Remember that blue balls comes from physical fluid buildup… massaging can help move things that are stuck.

    Action 2: Take a deep breath in while squeezing your balls, and imagine the sensations you feel in your balls and cock moving up into your entire body – integrating with your entire body. Remember, your mind is powerful.

    Action 3: Do qigong or yoga, or some form of semi-challenging mindful movement.

    Action 4: Do 20 pushups. I’m not joking.

    Action 5: Do 30 jumping jacks. Again, I’m not joking.


    Additional Resources:

    Orgasmic Mastery Course: a 5-week course for men to overcome premature ejaculation, have multiple non-ejaculatory orgasms and be able to make love for hours

    Semen Retention Mastery: a 21-day semen retention challenge for men to build their sexual energy and use it to create the life they want.


    Preventing blue balls is easier than healing them once they happen.

    It is possible to have sex for hours and have multiple orgasms without ejaculating, while also not getting blue balls. I’m not joking. It’s amazing. I’m telling you this from personal experience, and from the experiences of other men that have gone through my Orgasmic Mastery Course. You can walk away from a sexual encounter without ejaculating and feel absolutely incredible.

    Please let me know if you have any questions on how to prevent blue balls, and/or if you try any of these techniques.


    The post How to Prevent Blue Balls appeared first on Taylor Johnson.