My name is Taylor, and…

I’m serious about sex.

Why? Because an empowered sex life is amazing, AND when you uplevel your sex life, you uplevel your entire life.


If you’re a man who is ready to master your sexual energy…

Taylor Johnson Sex Coach Asheville

I’m here to help you:

    • Master the art of making love for hours without worrying about ejaculating.
    • Own and express your desires & fantasies, and turn them into reality.
    • Unleash your wild, raw & healthy masculine power.
    • Build and transmute your sexual energy so you can create whatever you want.

My coaching slots are currently full, but I have two online trainings you can take to begin changing your life today. (AND taking the trainings will prep your system to get even more out of coaching if you choose to do so).


Online Trainings:

Orgasmic Mastery Course = a 5-Week, step-by-step training for you to master the art of multiple non-ejaculatory orgasms (by overcoming premature ejaculation and opening yourself to new possibilities of sexual magnificence)

Semen Retention Mastery = a 21-day online training to help you build your sexual power, clarify your life purpose and create the life you want.


Upcoming Trainings:

Everything Anal = an introductory course for all humans who want to explore anal pleasure in a safe, pleasurable and pain-free way.

Dates for Couples = a series of connective, erotic & playful date nights for you and your partner to enrich each others lives from the ease of your own bedroom.

If you want to be notified when these courses open for enrollment, you can join my email list by clicking here.


Connect with me…

If you’d like to have me on your podcast, speak at your event, present in your online course or collaborate with me in some other way, you can contact me by clicking here.



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